Hooking Up or Just Hanging Out....A Look at a New Reality Series

Written by Linda Reeves

As typical with anything in this world, it takes years forrepparttar media to sit up and take notice and now it unfolds. I refer torepparttar 149813 new series on ABC entitled "Hooking Up" that follows eleven women throughrepparttar 149814 adventure of "online dating". Albeit, another reality show, I found this depiction to be right on target torepparttar 149815 ordinary dater's experiences. The premiere episode, followed a hair salon owner to meet her "British Fabio" who turned out to be older than he stated, looked nothing like his posted photo and admitted to her it was 15 yrs old. I thought that was one ofrepparttar 149816 golden rules of "online Dating", post a current photo of yourself, be honest! Obviously he did not readrepparttar 149817 online manual. Things of this nature happen day after day all overrepparttar 149818 world and giverepparttar 149819 world of Online Dating a bad rep, butrepparttar 149820 bottom line is, this program will expose men and women who indulge in these habits and create a better understanding of whatrepparttar 149821 opposite sex is looking for, what they expect andrepparttar 149822 aprropriate etiquette onrepparttar 149823 age old first "Blind Date".

Asrepparttar 149824 show progresses, we also meet "Claire", an innocent but savvy career woman, she knows what she wants and steps up torepparttar 149825 plate to reach her goals. She schedulesrepparttar 149826 elusive first date, has a good time and agrees to a second date and finds duringrepparttar 149827 second date that her feelings for this guy are more a platonic nature and letsrepparttar 149828 guy down via an email. Seems appropriate one would think, consideringrepparttar 149829 method in which they met, but c'mon, how impersonal is that? Kind of reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex andrepparttar 149830 City when she got dumped on a post-it note. It may berepparttar 149831 internet, but lets try to be a little more considerate and not cowardly. If you haverepparttar 149832 courage to meet this person inrepparttar 149833 first place, haverepparttar 149834 courage to end it in person or by a phone call.

Are you thinking of Buying a LCD TV? Then you should read this...

Written by The eme team

The LCD television is great in small places

The LCD television will fit where larger TVs can not. The term LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Diode. If you want a flat panel TV, you can choose either a LCD TV or plasma TV. It is inrepparttar electronics thatrepparttar 149773 LCD differs fromrepparttar 149774 plasma TV.

How doesrepparttar 149775 LCD make a picture?

LCD TVs are available in a few variations. The first isrepparttar 149776 conventional LCD panel, but isnít only used in televisions. LCDs are used in many other electronic technologies like microwaves, digital clocks, calculators, and stereos. Inrepparttar 149777 television,repparttar 149778 LCD comes inrepparttar 149779 design called Twisted Nematic (TM). It is a naturally twisted crystalline structure that reacts to electric currents in predictable manners. The currents cause it to untwist to different degrees based onrepparttar 149780 voltage given. These TN crystals are stuck between panes of polarized glass andrepparttar 149781 untwisting allows different amounts of light to pass through.

Most agree that if you are purchasing a flat television panel smaller than 37Ē, you should buy a LCD TV. Larger LCD panels tend to not be as crisp. You will find thatrepparttar 149782 plasma TV is better, if bigger. There are two exceptions ifrepparttar 149783 room is very bright,repparttar 149784 LCD is superior and LCD also is more resistant to burn in from sources like computers and TV video game consoles. LCD can burn out but occur much less than earlier models. Many models are now High Definition (HDTV) capable as well.

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