Honoring our Fathers

Written by Peggy Porter

This weekend as we celebrate Father’s Day, take an opportunity to express gratitude forrepparttar many wonderful fathers we see giving their love, support and guidance to our children on a daily basis.

Personally, in my own life, I am surrounded by them. From my own father, to my father-in-law, my husband andrepparttar 142957 many friends I am blessed to have. I see them atrepparttar 142958 supermarket, holding their child while attempting to shop; onrepparttar 142959 street riding their bikes, with their children cautiously proceeding ahead; atrepparttar 142960 gymnasium, proudly watching their daughter attempt her first cartwheel and at church gently kissing their son onrepparttar 142961 cheek.

Although mothers have typically beenrepparttar 142962 nurturer in our society, fathers have a huge impact onrepparttar 142963 raising and development of our children. . A son will learn first hand from his fatherrepparttar 142964 balance between toughness and tenderness. Daughters look to their fathers for guidance and example on how to be treated byrepparttar 142965 men they will have in their lives. Fathers are there to give support and protect their most prized possession…family. Inrepparttar 142966 book, The Wonder Of Fathers, author C.R. Gibson writes…He goes by many names. He serves many roles. He’s a shoulder to cry on, to lean on, and to climb on. He can be quiet, boisterous, athletic, or scholarly. He is his son’s first role model andrepparttar 142967 first man his daughter will love. And no matter what else he does in his life, fatherhood will be his most important and fulfilling achievement.

Housing Decisions Involve Psychology

Written by Lois A. Vitt

In deciding to buy or sell, move or stay, downsize or expand, most Americans do not realize how complexrepparttar decision-making process really is. A successful, fulfilling housing result is more likely when you consider your housing psychology - that place where human interaction,repparttar 142956 role of “place” in our lives, and finance all come together.

Few events test relationships and decision-making skills more dramatically thanrepparttar 142957 search for your dream home.

Even before you decide to buy or rent, you must first decide to move. Is this a good time to move? How much can I/we afford? Where do we want to go? An unexamined-decision approach can trap you into making poor housing choices. The more you learn about managing your inner motivations and personal relationships as well as your housing and financial goals,repparttar 142958 better your housing decisions will be.

It is important to realize that you have a relationship to your home beyondrepparttar 142959 relationships withrepparttar 142960 people who share it with you. In fact, your relationship with your home is so personal and close that no other nonhuman relationship is quite like it.

Home is something we “provide” for ourselves and others. It represents our capacity to control our physical setting and our leisure. It is our bastion of security andrepparttar 142961 touchstone for our sense of independence. Inrepparttar 142962 best-case scenario, it is our sanctuary.

A housing decision isrepparttar 142963 watershed of everything in your life:repparttar 142964 physical aspects of where and how you live; your livelihood; your physical, emotional, and financial well-being; your safety and security; your intimate and social relationships; your sense of community; your greatest pleasures and your deepest pain. It is no wonder that few of us haverepparttar 142965 tools to make consistently good housing decisions - decisions based on tested principles and values rather than on emotions or circumstances.

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