Honor Your Viewers

Written by Maria Marsala

If you own a web site, you never know who has saved a page from your site to their favorites file (bookmarked it). It might be your home page, a great article, or a terrific resource. And since you don't know, every time you remove a page, you runrepparttar risk of people getting that annoying "page not found" error when they click on their favorites link.

You can always find out later how many visits your "removed pages" have had by viewing your site statistics and examining your error log (if you have one)-but by then its maybe too late.

When you remove a page, honor your viewers by providing them with an option. Takerepparttar 118055 page you want to remove and turn it into a redirected page. Redirect it to your home page or another page on your site that contains similar information. How do you do this? Let me give you an example.

I had a page on my site called www.coachmaria.com/coachability.html. The information originally on that page is no longer useful, so I removed it and insertedrepparttar 118056 HTML code below. Now when someone goes torepparttar 118057 old page, they are "redirected" to another page. Try it www.coachmaria.com/coachability.html The HTML code I used onrepparttar 118058 page below for you to view.or use. The number "2" inrepparttar 118059 "meta tag" representsrepparttar 118060 number of seconds it will take to redirectrepparttar 118061 page. Change this number as you see fit. The "meta tag" information takesrepparttar 118062 page directly to another page (in this case contest.html). I userepparttar 118063 other information "just in case"repparttar 118064 meta tag redirect doesn't work. It givesrepparttar 118065 viewerrepparttar 118066 option of tapping on a link to move directly torepparttar 118067 redirected page. Your webmaster would also have to removerepparttar 118068 dot I put into each ofrepparttar 118069 HTML tags below. (If I didn't add them here, you wouldn't be able to viewrepparttar 118070 code below).


Written by Amrit Hallan

Inrepparttar book, "The Agony andrepparttar 118054 Ecstasy", I read that Michael Angelo dug up graves in order to studyrepparttar 118055 human anatomy in all its gory manifestation. He used to holdrepparttar 118056 internal organs in his bare hands. He came up with masterpieces.

The same is true for any skill, here HTML. I do not recommend you exhumerepparttar 118057 dead to come up with good web pages, but it is necessary that you understand them inside out. You should know what tag does exactly what, how, and how it can be manipulated to do what you want to do.

We had concludedrepparttar 118058 previous section withrepparttar 118059 all pervasive tag: . This tag informsrepparttar 118060 reader (a browser or a word-processor, or anything that reads HTML) thatrepparttar 118061 file being considered is a web page.

Let's see what step 4 has in store.

== Step 4: ==

Within tags, insert another tag so that your lines look like:

Withinrepparttar 118062 head tag, we store allrepparttar 118063 information that we wantrepparttar 118064 browser to read first before proceeding to readrepparttar 118065 rest ofrepparttar 118066 stuff, for instance,repparttar 118067 title ofrepparttar 118068 page, information aboutrepparttar 118069 author, meta tags (some ofrepparttar 118070 meta tags causes your page to be found whenrepparttar 118071 user tries to find a page like yours, through his/her preferred search engine or directory, for instance, "Description" and "Keywords" meta tags), etc. Forrepparttar 118072 time being, we'll have justrepparttar 118073 Title tag here, as right now we are in no hurry to be found by all and sundry.

Although it is not withinrepparttar 118074 scope of this article to tutor you on how to be search engine friendly, it is recommended you chooserepparttar 118075 words of your title after careful scrutiny. Try to include in itrepparttar 118076 words that you thinkrepparttar 118077 surfer might type atrepparttar 118078 search engine prompt. The search engine guys recommend that if it is your company page, then putrepparttar 118079 name of your company there.

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