Honeymoon Registries: A Guide to Asking for Your Honeymoon as a Wedding Gift

Written by Jerry Windley-Daoust

Isrepparttar cost of your wedding puttingrepparttar 146168 honeymoon of your dreams out of reach? Not to worry; if you already have allrepparttar 146169 kitchenware and bedding you need, and if you have generous friends and family, your problem might be solved by setting up a honeymoon registry.

A honeymoon registry is much like a wedding registry. Just as a wedding registry allows you to create a list of gifts you would prefer to receive at your wedding, a honeymoon registry allows you to create a list of places you would like to go and things you would like to do on your honeymoon. The honeymoon registry enables your wedding guests to purchase portions of your honeymoon. Yes, your guests could just contribute cash toward your honeymoon, but somehow giving a particular portion ofrepparttar 146170 honeymoon—dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a carriage ride, for example—is more meaningful.

Typerepparttar 146171 phrase "honeymoon registry" into your favorite search engine, and you'll get thousands of results. There are three basic kinds of honeymoon registries:

  • Registries that require you to book your travel throughrepparttar 146172 travel agency offeringrepparttar 146173 registry.
  • Registries that allow you to book your travel either throughrepparttar 146174 sponsoring travel agency (or other affiliated travel agencies), throughrepparttar 146175 travel agency of your choice, or on your own. Usually these registries charge an extra fee or higher service charge if you choose not to book travel throughrepparttar 146176 registry's parent travel agency.
  • Registries that are not affiliated with any travel agencies, requiring you to make travel arrangements on your own or through a travel agency of your choice.
If a honeymoon registry sounds likerepparttar 146177 perfect solution for you, then here is a quick guide to choosing, creating, and using one:

1. Choosingrepparttar 146178 honeymoon registry Search forrepparttar 146179 term "honeymoon registry" on your favorite search engine, and you'll come up with plenty of results. How do you chooserepparttar 146180 one that's best for you? Here are a few basic tips: Different registries offer various mixes of features and costs. Think about what is most important to you. Do you want a slick-looking registry with lots of automated features, or would your guests preferrepparttar 146181 personal service of a low-tech, high-touch registry? Does it matter how much of a service charge your guests pay? Do you wantrepparttar 146182 freedom to arrange your own travel, or would you prefer to lean onrepparttar 146183 services ofrepparttar 146184 travel agents affiliated with your registry?

  • Take a "virtual tour" of several different registries. Start by looking forrepparttar 146185 registry's FAQ page, then look at a few examples of honeymoon registries.
  • Look for professionalism. Doesrepparttar 146186 site provide a thorough explanation of its services, including all fees and service charges? Does it explain who you can contact or what you can do if you run into problems? Ifrepparttar 146187 honeymoon registry is run by a travel agency, doesrepparttar 146188 FAQ explainrepparttar 146189 company's policy for cancelled or delayed travel?
  • Contact couples who have actually usedrepparttar 146190 registry. You can find couples by looking up old honeymoon registries and doing a web search for their e-mail addresses. Or look for e-mail addresses associated with wedding home pages hosted byrepparttar 146191 registry service. Send a friendly e-mail explaining your situation and asking for advice; most couples will be happy to offer their advice.
  • Talk to someone fromrepparttar 146192 registry service, either by phone or e-mail. Ifrepparttar 146193 registry service falls short on customer service when you're signing up, don't expect better service if a problem arises.
2. Creatingrepparttar 146194 honeymoon First, you submit some basic personal information—your names,repparttar 146195 date ofrepparttar 146196 wedding, contact information, and so on. Then you create your registry, which is an itemized list of all your honeymoon expenses. Some registries charge a setup fee, usually between $100-$150; others charge nothing torepparttar 146197 wedding couple, but charge wedding guests a "service fee” when they buy part ofrepparttar 146198 honeymoon. Most honeymoon registry websites allow you to create your registry right away overrepparttar 146199 web. Other sites put you in touch (by phone or e-mail) with a representative who helps you create your registry.

The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Written by Reno Charlton

These days, many people take wedding bands and engagement rings for granted, and although they give these beautiful items of jewellery with integrity and love, they are often given with no real knowledge ofrepparttar meaning behind them.

Both wedding bands and engagement rings are very special items of jewellery; in fact, they are more than just jewellery - they arerepparttar 145788 symbols of many emotions and promises such as:

  • Love
  • Commitment
  • Fidelity
  • Eternity
  • Honour

But where - and why - did these popular and sentimental pieces of jewellery stem from?

The History Of Wedding Bands

These items of jewellery have a history that spans many centuries and passes through many countries from all aroundrepparttar 145789 planet. Below, you will find a brief history ofrepparttar 145790 wedding and engagement ring, as reported from country to country.


The now-famous wedding band is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, where it is said that plant sections were fashioned in to circles to signify never-ending and immortal love. It was thought thatrepparttar 145791 fourth finger (which we now know asrepparttar 145792 ring finger) contained a special vein that was connected directly torepparttar 145793 heart, and therefore this becamerepparttar 145794 official finger forrepparttar 145795 wedding band.


The Romans also agreed withrepparttar 145796 Egyptians with regards torepparttar 145797 wedding ring finger and its meaning, but rather than offering wedding bands as a symbol of love, they awarded them as a symbol of ownership. Roman men would "claim" their woman withrepparttar 145798 giving of a ring.


Puzzle rings were a complex type of jewellery that were once popular in Asia, and these jewels hadrepparttar 145799 charming knack of being able to fall apart and put back together again - if you knew how to do this, of course. Wealthy Middle Eastern men then began to use these rings as wedding bands for their wives, who were often forced to wear a puzzle ring when their husband was away. The husband would know upon his return whether any of his wives had been disloyal by removingrepparttar 145800 ring whilst he was away, becauserepparttar 145801 ring was designed to collapse upon removal and could only be put together again if you hadrepparttar 145802 skill and knowledge required.


Several centuries ago,repparttar 145803 Europeans became rather taken with what we would class as an engagement ring, but was then called a Poesy Ring. This ring was given to a loved one as a form of promise, and signified fidelity and love. The Poesy Ring was offered as a pledge of eternal togetherness, much as today's engagement rings are offered as a promise of eternal marriage.


During Colonial times, all items of jewellery in America were prohibited due to their apparent moral worthlessness. Instead, a more practical thimble was given as a token of love and as a pledge of eternal togetherness. However, after they were married,repparttar 145804 women tended to removerepparttar 145805 bottom of their "engagement thimble" to form a type of ring.

History Of Engagement Rings

The engagement ring of today also has its own varied and interesting history, some of which is explored below. Engagement rings have been known by many different names, have symbolised a variety of different things and have not always been made of precious metals and stunning gems!

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