Honey - Natural Treatment for Wounds and Burns

Written by Junji Takano

Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution produced by honeybees. It is commonly used as substitute for sugar or a flavor enhancer. But other than that, honey is also effective in treating burns and wounds and it has been used for this purpose for many centuries. Now it is known thatrepparttar secret of honey lies on its antibacterial activity.

How Can Honey Stop Infection?

We know that bacteria love sugar, but why most bacteria and other microorganisms cannot grow or reproduce in honey? Here arerepparttar 148543 reasons:

  1. Acidity - Honey is acidic, and acids preventrepparttar 148544 growth of bacteria.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide - When honey is applied as a wound dressing, it is diluted with fluids fromrepparttar 148545 damaged tissue and combines with an enzyme added byrepparttar 148546 bee to form hydrogen peroxide,repparttar 148547 same antiseptic found in drugstores. Diluted honey can serve as an excellent antiseptic becauserepparttar 148548 naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide won’t harmrepparttar 148549 tissues and no scarring will occur.
Applying Honey as a Wound Dressing
  1. Usually, 20 ml of honey (25 - 30 g, 1 ounce) is enough on a 10 cm X 10 cm (4 inch X 4 inch) dressing. The honey dressings should be cut to a size that extends beyondrepparttar 148550 edges ofrepparttar 148551 wound.
  2. To prevent honey oozing out fromrepparttar 148552 wound dressing, waterproof dressings are needed. Absorbent dressings are not recommended as they soakrepparttar 148553 honey making it less effective. Adhesive tape or bandages can be used to holdrepparttar 148554 dressings in place.
  3. It is better to spreadrepparttar 148555 honey onrepparttar 148556 dressing first before applying it onrepparttar 148557 wound area.
  4. If there are abscesses inrepparttar 148558 wound area, fill it with honey before applyingrepparttar 148559 dressing pad, so that there is honey in contact withrepparttar 148560 wound.
  5. The amount of honey required onrepparttar 148561 wound depends onrepparttar 148562 amount of fluid it exudes. Honey will be useless if it is diluted by large amounts of fluid. Alsorepparttar 148563 frequency of dressing changes depends on how fastrepparttar 148564 honey is being diluted by fluid.
  6. On deeper infections, more honey is required to get an effective antibacterial activity.
  7. Daily dressing changes up to three times daily may be needed.
  8. Exudation of fluid should be reduced after few days use of honey dressing. During this time, less dressing changes will be needed.
Honey Used as Medicine

Below are some common problems which can easily be prevented fromrepparttar 148565 use of honey:

  1. Allergies - Raw honey is an excellent treatment for 90% of allergies.

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