Honesty Accepted - Deception Denied

Written by Linda Reeves

We've all done it at one time or another, or will do it sometime inrepparttar future. Regardless of when you do it, just remember you will get caught eventually and when you do, you cannot bury your head inrepparttar 150540 sand. Too bad there are not strict policies, punishable by law in association withrepparttar 150541 internet wherein something could be written and implemented alongrepparttar 150542 lines of "Truth in Online Dating". Who am I kidding, people have lied fromrepparttar 150543 beginning of time and will continue to do so until Hell freezes over and even when caught some will continue to do so at our expense. Bastards! Rememberrepparttar 150544 old video rental mantra "Be Kind, Rewind"? Some of you may be too young to remember that butrepparttar 150545 sentiment still applies. For this subject, lets use, oh I don't know, how about "You Lie, You Die", hmmmmm, maybe not, too blatant. Oh wait, I know, "Honesty Accepted, Deception Denied". Anyway,repparttar 150546 point here is to be honest in all you say and do. Have you ever stretchedrepparttar 150547 truth or told an out and out blatant lie? Tell me how many more lies did you have to tell to cover your ass fromrepparttar 150548 original lie? Life is too short to waste all your time and energy covering your ass. Do it right and do it honestlyrepparttar 150549 first time.

So, you are asking yourself, what is this crazy woman's point? OK, OK,repparttar 150550 point is, when you are creating a profile, be it just for your screen name or for an "Online Dating Site" be honest. Describe yourself as you see yourself, if you are 5'5" don't list that you are 5'10", if you weigh 210 don't list your weight as 135. Be real, have you ever spent endless hours talking to someone and envisioned what they looked like based onrepparttar 150551 picture and physical description posted on their profile only to findrepparttar 150552 picture is 10 yrs old, they have gained 50 pounds and are 6 inches shorter than what they indicated. It has happend to me, and I was pissed, aggravated and disappointed. And, yes, I have done it myself and when it came time to meetrepparttar 150553 person I felt really bad aboutrepparttar 150554 lies I had told and fessed up. We met anyway and in this instance we became very good friends, but, it doesn't always work out that way.

A guide for being single in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture

Written by Kinue Saito-Thompson

“A Tsuyama singles scene?” scoffs single Mimasaka resident Hiroyiki Matsuda. “There isn’t one. If you want that, you go to Okayama City.”

Farmer Toru Mizushima, 55, echoesrepparttar statement.

“I don’t even go there as far as Mimasaka’s concerned,” he says. “I’ve lived in Mimasaka for 18 years, raised a family, and can tell you there just isn’t a singles scene — it’s a family-oriented town. That’s why we moved here inrepparttar 150365 first place.”

It is, unfortunately, a common sentiment — in a community built primarily around families, finding ways forrepparttar 150366 underrepresented single adults to mix and mingle can be a daunting task. When questioned about such opportunities, Yoshimi Tabata ofrepparttar 150367 Mimasaka Community Center just laughs.

“We have open-gym basketball and volleyball, both of which are cheap, co-ed and attract a younger crowd,” she notes. “But other than that….”

Yet while trendy bars, dance clubs and hip hangouts may still berepparttar 150368 exclusive domain ofrepparttar 150369 big city, Mimasaka residents shouldn’t lose heart — even out here, there remain a few local youths whererepparttar 150370 age-old hunt for love continues.

Forrepparttar 150371 religiously inclined, a local temple can be a powerful tool for both meeting other singles and getting overrepparttar 150372 shock of being single again due to death or now rising divorce. Endaiji Temple is currently inrepparttar 150373 process of putting together a singles group, andrepparttar 150374 Endaiji Taiko group, while not host to a group of its own, refers interested lay believers to Endaiji for Re-Singled and Singles in Aso.

At Endaiji, single Buddhist band together for a veritable treasure trove of networking opportunities. In addition to its “Bereavement” and “Divorce and Beyond” support groups,repparttar 150375 temple helps organize everything from singles dances to hikes, ikebana, tea ceremony, yakisoba socials to house-building trips forrepparttar 150376 less fortunate in Vietnam.

With close to 20 events per month, not countingrepparttar 150377 regular support-group meetings, singles clued in torepparttar 150378 goings-on at Endaiji can quickly find themselves with more fun, upbeat social opportunities than they know what to do with.

Forrepparttar 150379 nonreligious, things get a bit harder. While it’s always possible to take your chances withrepparttar 150380 karaoke bar scene — Jet 5554 andrepparttar 150381 Sukesan Izakaya appear to be generatingrepparttar 150382 most buzz — many singles prefer to take a more direct approach. That’s where Junichiro Komatsu and Pink Tomato Dating Service step in.

Pink Tomato Dating Service specializes in an activity more widely known as “speed dating,” is a simple concept. Working with between 15 and 30 adults matching a target age range and set of interests, events coordinators like Komatsu set up a series of up to a dozen six-minute-long “speed dates” at a local bar, café or restaurant.

Afterward, participants make note of any other individuals that interested them, with mutual interest resulting in both parties’ receivingrepparttar 150383 others’ contact information, allowing them to set up their first “real” date. Of those who participate, over two-thirds receive at least one match.

“I’ve been doing this for over three years now, and I just love it,” says Komatsu, who ranrepparttar 150384 first Mimasaka event in quite a while atrepparttar 150385 now defunct Mimasaka cannery on June 7. Ultimately, Komatsu hopes to makerepparttar 150386 Mimasaka sessions a monthly affair.

For more customized dating help, singles like local computer analyst Yuji Shiraishi look to actress-turned-matchmaker Reiko Ando. Her new company, The Fantasy Cupid Dater, is a Mimasaka-based organization embodying old-time matchmaker values and offering everything from speed dating and date coaching to “wingman/wingwoman” services, in which a client hires an outgoing “friend” byrepparttar 150387 hour to help introduce him or her to people and make him or her look good.

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