Honesticity - bringing people together for household jobs

Written by Steven Huetson

My partner and I have wondered for quite some time about how best to find local people for household jobs and services. We grew tired of looking inrepparttar Yellow Pages and randomly choosing one so we decided to set up a company called Honesticity.co.uk. Honesticity was founded onrepparttar 149489 belief that everyone hasrepparttar 149490 right to expect a job well done. No matter how big or small, easy or difficult,repparttar 149491 job should be performed torepparttar 149492 best of one's ability and torepparttar 149493 correct standard. Honesticity is a venue bringing together people requiring services in all aspects of everyday domestic life with a helping hand who can provide that service.

Color Contacts Fashionable, Dramatic and HOT!

Written by Valerie Giles

"A great way to give you a subtle or dramatic change is with colored contact lenses. Manufacturers currently make a wide range of different color contacts in both prescription and non-prescription form with colors available to make your eyes sizzle!"

There are four types of colored contact lenses; visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints and light filtering tints, each offering something a bit different.

Regardless if you will be purchasing color contacts for prescription or plano (non-prescription) form you will need to have a valid eye prescription. Inrepparttar United States it is law that you have a prescription for any contact lenses purchases, whether they are prescription or not. An eyecare practitioner can include any optometrists, ophthalmologist or even opticians (in some states). This is because it is necessary to achieverepparttar 149420 right shape, lens size and material for each individuals eyes.

Improperly fitted lenses can lead to serious eye problems and infection.

Once you haverepparttar 149421 proper eye prescription you are free to purchase your colored discount contact lenses wherever you please. It is also important to have a yearly check up to ensure your lenses are still fitting properly and you prescription hasn't changed.

Four Different Tints:

Colored contact lenses are available in four different tints. The visibility tint usually has a light blue or green tint added torepparttar 149422 lens, forrepparttar 149423 sole purpose of helping you to better seerepparttar 149424 lenses during insertion and removal. The tint also aids in seeing if they are dropped, becauserepparttar 149425 tint is so light they do not affect eye color. The enhancement tints are a solid (yet translucent) tint that is not much darker thanrepparttar 149426 visibility tint but does affectrepparttar 149427 wearer's eye color. Asrepparttar 149428 name impliesrepparttar 149429 lenses enhancerepparttar 149430 existing color ofrepparttar 149431 eyes. The enhancement tints are a nice yet subtle change for those just wanting to add a bit of intensity to their eye color.

Color tints are a deeper, opaque tint allowingrepparttar 149432 wearer to dramatically change their eye color. For anyone wanting a completely new look these arerepparttar 149433 color contacts to choose. Some ofrepparttar 149434 lovely tints available come in colors such as; blue, gray, true sapphire, green, turquoise, Caribbean aqua, sea green and pacific blue to name a few. The various tints are usually made up with a series of colorful shapes, lines or dots to mimicrepparttar 149435 look ofrepparttar 149436 natural eye.

Special Effects Contact Lenses:

Costume and theatrical lenses also fall intorepparttar 149437 same category of opaque color contacts. These special effect lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription form. The lenses are an excellent choice for any theatrical production, television or advertising needs, and for most people a great addition to any Halloween costume. The special effect contact lenses come in exciting designs like jaguar, cat eye, alien zebra, blackout (changingrepparttar 149438 eye color to black), white-out (changingrepparttar 149439 eye color to white), red hot, bloodshot and wolf designs. The special effect contact lenses are just as safe as your regular contact lenses provided they are cared for inrepparttar 149440 same way. Check with your eyecare practitioner forrepparttar 149441 proper cleaning regimen, and remember to never share your lenses.

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