Honda Pilot 2005 with Innovative Honda Performance Parts, Aftermarket Parts from Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The 2005 Honda Pilot features an advanced 3.5-liter, SOHC, 24-valve, 60-degree, and V-6 engine, aluminum-block-and-head design that is compact, light and powerful. It has 255 horsepower (+15 horsepower), 250 lb.-ft of torque (+8 lb.-ft.), very low emissions, high fuel efficiency and instantaneous throttle response. The 2005 Honda Pilot replacedrepparttar Passport and it sharesrepparttar 144532 same basic chassis and powertrain asrepparttar 144533 MDX. The three Pilot models all offer a V6, 255-horsepower engine paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The new Honda engine features a broad and flat torque curve, very low emissions and high fuel economy. The new drive-by-wire throttle replaces a conventional throttle cable with an all-electronic system that relays throttle pedal position torepparttar 144534 engine computer. The new system reduces overall weight by incorporatingrepparttar 144535 cruise control system and reduces shift shock by communicating withrepparttar 144536 transmission during up- and down-shifts.

The more powerful engine is coupled with an innovative drive-by-wire throttle system, which reduces overall weight by incorporatingrepparttar 144537 cruise control function, and helps to reduce shift shock by communicating withrepparttar 144538 transmission during up and down shifts. The Pilot DBW system replaces a conventional throttle cable arrangement with an all-electronic system that sensesrepparttar 144539 accelerator pedal position and relays that information to a computer.

List of standard features include tilt steering wheel, cruise control, 60/40 split folding second and third seats, power mirrors, windows and doors locks, remote keyless entry and AM/FM/CD player, among other items. The EX and EX-L models include a six-disc changer, steering wheel radio controls, automatic-off headlights and allow wheels. Leather upholstery, heated front seats, power sunroof and heated power mirrors are standard onrepparttar 144540 EX-L model only.

Ford Freestyle 2005 enhanced by Top-notch Ford Parts from Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

"Freestyle blendsrepparttar looks of an SUV,repparttar 144531 versatility of a minivan andrepparttar 144532 confidence of an all-wheel-drive sedan," says Ford. "Freestyle isrepparttar 144533 crossover done right," adds Group Vice President, Product Creation, Phil Martens. "We didn't try to adapt an existing minivan or sport-utility platform. Freestyle is built fromrepparttar 144534 ground up as a crossover with class-leading spaciousness, seven-passenger comfort, and versatility and all-wheel-drive capability."

The Freestyle is a midsize “crossover.” Replacingrepparttar 144535 front-wheel-drive Taurus wagon,repparttar 144536 six- or seven-passenger Freestyle promises more SUV-like qualities. A 203-horsepower 3.0-liter Duratec 30 V6 engine with a continuously variable transmission to optimize performance, improves fuel economy, and reduce emissions powers it.

The Freestyle's "P2" platform has an elevated ride-height, optional Haldex all-wheel drive system, independent suspension front and rear, and safety cell technology for superior occupant protection in crashes distinctive to this chassis.

Underrepparttar 144537 hood is Ford's 3.0-litre Duratec V-6 making 203 horsepower and 207 lb.-ft. of torque.

Standard features inrepparttar 144538 base, SE, model include 17" wheels, three rows of seating, six-way power driver's seat, anti-lock brakes with traction control, keypad on driver's door, air conditioning, roof rack side rails. It also features an overhead console and privacy glass inrepparttar 144539 third row and liftgate, chrome grille surround, automatic headlamps, six-disc CD changer with MP3 capability, fog lamps, remote steering wheel controls, auto-dimming mirrors and special bright alloy 17" wheels.

The available AWD uses an electronically controlled, electro-hydraulic Haldex limited-slip coupling ahead ofrepparttar 144540 rear differential to transfer virtually all available torque torepparttar 144541 rear wheels wheneverrepparttar 144542 front wheels slip. Ford's Personal Safety System improves impact protection. Using information from weight and impact sensors inrepparttar 144543 front passenger seat, it can choose from one of two deployment speeds or suppressrepparttar 144544 bag altogether.

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