Homeschooling with Literature

Written by Lorraine Curry

Literature School

Even some elite colleges employ literature-based learning. Their tools arerepparttar Great Books; their principal technique, discussion. The Literature School is not only a successful school, it isrepparttar 140213 ideal multi-grade family school. Books can be read aloud together, with each child processingrepparttar 140214 information on his own level. The youngest child can narrate,repparttar 140215 middle-aged child can write,repparttar 140216 high schooler can report—after doing additional research aboutrepparttar 140217 topic, era or personality. Processing will create more lasting knowledge. I have found this easiest by requiring a written summary ofrepparttar 140218 day’s reading.

In narration,repparttar 140219 child “tells back,” in his own words, a chapter, a short book or a poem. This technique is a trademark ofrepparttar 140220 + Charlotte Mason method and is explained fully in her books as well as in Karen Andreola’s A Charlotte Mason Companion. Narration is a particularly good technique to use with a younger child who does not yet write fluently. It is also effective for building English and speech skills and securing information firmly inrepparttar 140221 child’s knowledge repository.

History and Literature

Histories, philosophical works, handbooks and other non-fiction works are literature only in such cases as an appeal is made torepparttar 140222 universal emotions common to mankind. That into which no feeling can enter is not literature. History isrepparttar 140223 record of what man has done, whereas literature isrepparttar 140224 record of man’s thought and emotions. The literature of a period portrays that period inrepparttar 140225 lives ofrepparttar 140226 characters. Because of this, history should be learned through literature not textbooks. Literature should haverepparttar 140227 greater emphasis because one only really knows a time by knowingrepparttar 140228 thoughts and words ofrepparttar 140229 people who lived at that time.

The (Online) B-School Advantage

Written by Alexa Apallas

The (Online) B-School Advantage By Alexa Apallas

In a tight job market, job seekers need to find ways of making themselves attractive to employers. And in this “jobless economic recovery” where more and more jobs are being shipped overseas (many call center and IT jobs may be lost to India forever), an advanced degree offers some protection against being outsourced.

By earning an MBA degree, candidates can demonstrate: their willingness to learn, their entrepreneurial drive, and their commitment to a career in business — qualities that most employers are eager to find. And holders of an MBA gain skills that can help them launch a new business enterprise or move several rungs uprepparttar corporate ladder.

An MBA degree offers monetary benefits, as well. According to a 2003 survey by, those with a professional degree earn an average of $81,000 a year, compared with $43,000 for those who have only a bachelor’s degree. BusinessWeek’s 2004 survey of 30 MBA programs turned up similar figures. Starting salaries for graduates ranged from $74,000 atrepparttar 140147 low end to $100,000 atrepparttar 140148 high end, for an average of $84,031.

But despiterepparttar 140149 many benefits that earning an MBA can bring — increased job security, a higher salary, better business skills, prestige and better job qualifications — some potential students have been reluctant to enroll in traditional B-schools. The Graduate Management Admissions Council found that 78 percent of business schools suffered a drop in applications to their traditional full-time programs forrepparttar 140150 2003-2004 school year. Tuition has been rising acrossrepparttar 140151 board, and adult students are finding it difficult to take on additional debt while atrepparttar 140152 same time giving up their full-time jobs. They may also have family obligations or other commitments that would make it difficult for them to enroll in a full-time, two-year program, especially if they would have to relocate to do so. That is why online MBA programs have been increasing in popularity.

For many prospective students, online interactive programs are an enticing option. Students learn at their own pace, so they can continue to earn income from a full-time job and maintain a family life while taking classes when it’s convenient for them. They don’t have to travel to campus or arrange for childcare. They can even receive financial aid, just as they would with a traditional program. With online MBA programs students receive all ofrepparttar 140153 benefits of traditional instruction, with none ofrepparttar 140154 drawbacks. Case in point: Regis University’s online MBA programs.

Regis University is a traditional, ground based school that offers four MBA degree programs 100 percent online. And not only is Regis University regionally accredited, but U.S. News and World Report rated them inrepparttar 140155 same category asrepparttar 140156 Ivy League schools: inrepparttar 140157 top-tier. So as you can see, students who choose an online education instead of going on campus do not have to sacrifice quality of education for convenience.

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