Homeschool Testing

Written by Mary Joyce

By definitionÖ. Or rather history...repparttar history of testing would indicate thatrepparttar 148862 reason that we test was/is to determinerepparttar 148863 students level of understanding ofrepparttar 148864 given material that has been presented over a specified period of time inrepparttar 148865 classroom. Homeschool testing is quite different though. Certainly, when one teacher is assigned to teach anywhere from 15 to 30 students, testing as it is now is probablyrepparttar 148866 most efficient way to accomplish this goal.

The homeschool class is different though. Very few parents stand before their kids and lecture withrepparttar 148867 expectation thatrepparttar 148868 kids diligently take notes! At least I hope youíre not doing that!

Withrepparttar 148869 one on one instruction thatrepparttar 148870 homeschool class provides, teaching is much ofrepparttar 148871 time more of an open discussion ofrepparttar 148872 topic betweenrepparttar 148873 child andrepparttar 148874 parent. The child has allrepparttar 148875 time inrepparttar 148876 world to ask questions and seek answers and responses fromrepparttar 148877 parent-teacher. In fact, as many questions they need in order to getrepparttar 148878 clarificationrepparttar 148879 child needs to cementrepparttar 148880 learning.

Many times a field trip to a community business, library, historical site, or museum is a great way to not only answerrepparttar 148881 question but illustrate it as well with a fun and educational outing! Donít forget children are learning allrepparttar 148882 time andrepparttar 148883 more enjoyable you can make itrepparttar 148884 better retentionrepparttar 148885 child will have. This type of learning is especially effective when they can relate a field trip or an actual experience when discoveringrepparttar 148886 answer.

Which Home Teaching Method Is For You

Written by Mary Joyce

As a homeschooling parent you will be able to pick from one or any combination of home teaching resources that best fit your philosophical or religious beliefs.

Much ofrepparttar success of your teaching endeavor will depend upon integrating your teaching method with your childís learning style. Hencerepparttar 148861 question, after you have committed to homeschool teaching... How do you teach your children?

Read everything about homeschooling you can Ö then read some more. Obviously books and articles, but in todayís world online at home teaching information is abundant. Get a feel for what fits for you. Donít forget about discussion forums onrepparttar 148862 web. Join them. They are a great homeschooling resource.

As a parent you obviously spend a great deal of time around your children. Now after spending some time reading and learning about various home school teaching methods and perhaps leaning toward one (or more than one), itís now time to perhaps observe your child in a different light. Focus now on how your child learns. Thatís right, make notes. Maybe your child learns better by listening, maybe by doing, or perhapsrepparttar 148863 best teaching method may be more visual.

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