Homeschool Information

Written by Mary Joyce

Getting Started With Homeschooling. Before jumping into allrepparttar decisions surroundingrepparttar 150268 actual teaching and homeschooling of your child such as: what curriculum, what books, what materials,repparttar 150269 home school calendar, organize this, organize that…. Before you do any of that first get familiar with with this bit of homeschool information.....your state’s home school laws, rules, and other regulations. Some states are quite easy and others require much more work. The HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) is a great place to start. Legally you do haverepparttar 150270 right to homeschool your child. Just make certain you comply withrepparttar 150271 individual state’s regulations.

Homeschooling does require a huge time commitment on your part. And that commitment depends onrepparttar 150272 level of homeschooling you do. The subject that is being taught and evenrepparttar 150273 ages ofrepparttar 150274 children involved. One question that always seems to come up, particularly from outside influences, is whetherrepparttar 150275 parent is

qualified to teach or not. If notrepparttar 150276 parent, then who? Who better to teach and homeschoolrepparttar 150277 child? No one wants their child to be successful more than a parent. Plus, nobody would argue against a one to one teaching relationship between teacher and pupil and forrepparttar 150278 vast number of cases this is exactlyrepparttar 150279 teaching environment inrepparttar 150280 homeschool classroom.

Top 5 School Fund Raiser Ideas

Written by Dion Semeniuk


Schools often look for ways to make money. Sometimes, new playground equipment is needed, or perhaps band equipment and uniforms, it might be thatrepparttar football team is in need of uniforms, or thatrepparttar 150086 debate team needs money to travel to a meet. Fundraising is quite common and an excellent way to makerepparttar 150087 money required while teaching students about good sales and marketing, as well as money management. You will also see schools using fundraising to help other people. For example, duringrepparttar 150088 Tsunami, schools all aroundrepparttar 150089 country joined efforts to raise money that could be used for medicine, food, clothing, and other needs. As you will discover in this article, there are many innovative ways of making money.

Discount Cards

With discount cards, you can offer one particular type or a book that consists of several different cards. For example, three ofrepparttar 150090 favorites are shopping cards, pizza cards, and prepaid phone cards. Withrepparttar 150091 shopping card, you would choose from local and national merchants that provide nice savings at retail shops, grocery stores, florists, etc. Forrepparttar 150092 pizza card, this is just what it sounds, a card that would offer a discount offrepparttar 150093 price of food sold at major chain pizza restaurants. Many of these cards offer limited use but for a mere $10,repparttar 150094 person might receive a discount 20 times, making this a real bargain. Finally, prepaid phone cards are always a great fundraising option, used by families that live acrossrepparttar 150095 country from one another or for college students. For this type of card, you can choose from a number of denominations of $10, $20, $24, and even $30.

Sweet Candy

The second school fundraising idea is something just about everyone loves – candy. Most often, candy sales are associated with school clubs, sports groups, music departments, and church youth groups. Because this is a small dollar item, they sell well but a good marketing plan to increase sales must also be developed and implemented. Ideally, find low-priced candy suppliers, ones that support school fundraising projects, chooserepparttar 150096 type or types of candy you want to sell, determine your price, and then get started selling.

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