Homeschool Basic Benefits

Written by Mary Joyce

Why should or would I homeschool?

A big decision for you and should not be taken lightly. However, with some basic preparation, it isnít as mind boggling as you might think. The reasons to homeschool are as varied as there are families that participate in homeschooling. Many parents arenít impressed withrepparttar education that their child is receiving atrepparttar 146270 public school, and expensive private schooling isnít an option. Safety can also be an issue or maybe your child is struggling and you feel that they could benefit greatly with more one on one instruction. Whateverrepparttar 146271 reason, homeschooling today is growing by leaps and bounds andrepparttar 146272 resources available to those makingrepparttar 146273 school at home decision are abundant.

Be clear in your mind at to why you have decided to embark on homeschooling. Write your motivation, your purpose, and your goals for your homeschool down. This will keep you focused and motivated throughout your school year. Also, with a clear concise purpose and reasons for homeschooling will arm you with conviction when you run up against those friends and family members who are less enthusiastic about your decision to homeschool. Put together your homeschool mission statement and write it down and live by it as you homeschool your kids.

Donít Take The Romaji Short-Cut When Learning Japanese

Written by Stephen Munday

This is an issue many Japanese learners come up against, particularly if they live outside Japan. After all, If you are not inrepparttar country, it seems difficult to justifyrepparttar 146214 huge amount of time that learning Japanese characters seems to require.

So what arerepparttar 146215 problems in using Romaji (Roman letters, likerepparttar 146216 characters you are reading right now) for studying Japanese:

1. Mother-Tongue Conflict

The associations your brain will create between Japanese words written in Romaji and English words (or those of your mother tongue) greatly increasesrepparttar 146217 risk of mispronunciation. Japanese symbols will have none of these associations for you. The very fact that they are completely alien helps you to start your language learning experience from a blank sheet. Your chances of being able to gainrepparttar 146218 correct pronunciation soar.

2. Show Me The Romaji

Your textbook may be in Romaji, but you will be very hard-pressed to find any real examples in Japan. Of course, you can see a fair amount of reasonably understandable English, but not Romaji. And watch what happens when write some Japanese in Romaji and show it to your native speaker friend: They have a really hard time deciphering it, because Japanese people just donít it.

3. Todayís Crutch Becomes Tomorrowís Burden

If you decide to continue your studies in Japanese, you will eventually need to start to grapple withrepparttar 146219 characters themselves anyway. In my opinion, it is harder to leaverepparttar 146220 crutch of Romaji behind than it is to biterepparttar 146221 character bullet atrepparttar 146222 beginning of your studies.

As you can see, there are serious problems with using Romaji when you start to learn Japanese. So what is my advice to learners? Well, it really depends on your motivation and needs:

1. The Serious Student

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