Homeownership: Could it be in Your Future?

Written by Lois A. Vitt

Whether you are young, newly divorced or in transition, or a newcomer to America , you rightfully want full participation inrepparttar American Dream to own your own home. Still, renting might berepparttar 142785 best choice (or only alternative) for you right now.

In order to realize your dream of homeownership inrepparttar 142786 future,repparttar 142787 time to set your goal and make your plan is now. Although this will require budgeting, saving, maintaining good credit, and timing,repparttar 142788 rewards of planning for homeownership can be considerable.

If you have never owned a home before, take heart: All or nearly all of today's older homeowners were oncerepparttar 142789 nation's renters. It isrepparttar 142790 American way to strive toward ownership of one's own home forrepparttar 142791 sake of privacy, independence, security and self-expression.

Homeownership is alsorepparttar 142792 starting point for accumulating wealth and enhancing your financial security. According torepparttar 142793 U.S. Census Bureau, renters say their number one reason for saving is to buy a home. In addition, 85 % of us identifyrepparttar 142794 first step toward “the good life” as “owning a home.”

Historically, landowners have beenrepparttar 142795 decision-makers and power-brokers in our nation. Until 1860, renters were not even allowed to vote! Unless you have good reason to remain a renter --- love ofrepparttar 142796 carefree lifestyle and a good financial plan to steadily accumulate alternative investments to finance your retirement --- you should make plans now to become a homeowner as soon as possible.

Build and follow a financial road map that leads you torepparttar 142797 home you really want. Scrimp a little today to realize your dream tomorrow.

Babies: How to Get Your Children Excited About the New Arrival

Written by Barbara Freedman-De Vito

The sudden appearance of a new baby can be rough onrepparttar other children inrepparttar 142784 family. Daily routines are disrupted and suddenly mom and dad are too busy to pay attention to older siblings. Worst of all,repparttar 142785 new baby isrepparttar 142786 instant star ofrepparttar 142787 family -repparttar 142788 center of attention. The adorable baby isrepparttar 142789 big attraction for everyone from mom and dad, to visiting relatives, to casual acquaintances bumped into atrepparttar 142790 mall, right down to strangers onrepparttar 142791 street. Everyone is talking baby talk, cooing atrepparttar 142792 new baby, and making a fuss overrepparttar 142793 newborn. The older kids may feel shunted aside and resentful. This is especially true forrepparttar 142794 displaced former baby ofrepparttar 142795 family.

Given these natural reactions, anything that you can do to prepare your other children forrepparttar 142796 new arrival will easerepparttar 142797 transition. Everything you can do to involve your kids in advance and to get them to actually look forward torepparttar 142798 birth will make a big difference in how they experience it. It might even help establish a stronger brother or sister bond withrepparttar 142799 new baby that will contribute torepparttar 142800 lasting closeness of a positive sibling relationship.

Here are some simple ideas that expectant parents might try, to smoothrepparttar 142801 road ahead for their other children. Most are common knowledge or simply common sense, but sometimes too easily forgotten amid allrepparttar 142802 excitement and activity surroundingrepparttar 142803 birth of a new baby. A few might be new ideas that are worth a try. A little advance thought and preparation may go a long way towards makingrepparttar 142804 "blessed event" a blessing forrepparttar 142805 ENTIRE family. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to try some of these ideas, so here goes.

Let your other kids in onrepparttar 142806 secret as soon asrepparttar 142807 pregnancy is confirmed, well before it is obvious just by looking at mom. Even with your youngest children, try to give them some understanding ofrepparttar 142808 changes that mom is going through and what they mean. Check out your local public library. It should have books geared to all different ages that can explain, in terms that children can understand,repparttar 142809 biological process of having a baby. Picture books about baby animals may also help crystalizerepparttar 142810 concept and relate it to something your kids have already experienced, like watching newborn kittens, for example.

The library or local bookstore should also be able to guide you to works of fiction, including picture books for preschoolers, that focus onrepparttar 142811 arrival of a new baby inrepparttar 142812 family and such issues as jealousy and feelings of neglect. Quiet parent-child story reading times can provide an ideal opportunity to prepare young children for changes that are onrepparttar 142813 way and to reassure them of their own importance and irreplaceable position inrepparttar 142814 family. Discuss things openly and answer your kids' questions.

Encourage your children to think about life withrepparttar 142815 new baby and how family routines will be altered. Coax your kids to develop their own lists of things that will be fun about having a new baby inrepparttar 142816 house - for example, they can pushrepparttar 142817 baby carriage and help dressrepparttar 142818 baby. Help them think about allrepparttar 142819 things that they'll be able to share with and teachrepparttar 142820 baby as he or she grows up and how important their role will be as a "big brother" or "big sister".

At other times, let them focus on coming up with ways that they can help care forrepparttar 142821 baby or have them think of things they can do aroundrepparttar 142822 house to easerepparttar 142823 burden on mom and dad. Also, take this opportunity to make your kids aware that babies require gentle handling and a quiet environment. You might even use a baby doll with your younger children to role play baby's diaper changing and feeding.

Nurturerepparttar 142824 feeling that every family member is of equal importance and that each occupies a special niche and has special contributions to make. No one is being replaced byrepparttar 142825 baby andrepparttar 142826 family cannot be whole unless EVERYONE is a part of it. If your kids internalize this belief, you may be able to avoid some ofrepparttar 142827 trauma andrepparttar 142828 understandable resentment toward this little stranger who has stolen mommy and daddy's hearts. The better your children are prepared forrepparttar 142829 impending event,repparttar 142830 better they'll be able to cope with it emotionally.

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