Homeowners: Kiss Your Keys Goodbye!

Written by Steph

I always like to hear about new ideas that really work well, are easy to implement, and not expensive. Here’s one that is so simple, you’ll wonder why more people don’t do it, that is install a digital door lock onrepparttar doors in your house. Hey, these work great on cars—why not houses?

A digital door lock is simply a fancy name for a pushbutton, combination, or keyless entry lock. With a digital door, you won’t have to risk your keys will be lost, stolen, or copied. There is no AC wiring or batteries, so you won't be locked out during power failures. And you’ll never have to pay a locksmith to change out your locks—you can do this yourself.

Digital door locks are available nowadays with a hacksaw-proof deadbolts for standard doors, sliding doors, cabinets, even outdoor gates & fences like around a pool or play area. You can even get locks with a keypad on both sides or with a spring, so door automatically locks each timerepparttar 100154 door is closed.

Most digital door locks have with easy-to-change codes and some even come with a key override option so that a master key can be used to openrepparttar 100155 lock as well asrepparttar 100156 combination.

Some models are big and clunky and look like they would do best in an industrial setting like a data center or lab, but others have really nice designs and finishes that go quite well in a home setting.

Escape to Sunny Mexico - at Home!

Written by Debbie Rodgers

Escape to Sunny Mexico Can't get away for a southern vacation this year? Don't despair -- plan a sunny Mexican style refresher for your patio décor and enjoyrepparttar festive atmosphere of a hacienda at home this summer.

As with every other decorating style, Mexican décor has its own basic elements.

Color •The predominant color inrepparttar 100153 sunny Mexican look is yellow -- bright, cheery and warm. If you're lucky enough to be working with an outdoor space that abuts a stucco house exterior, consider paintingrepparttar 100154 stucco yellow or soft terracotta. Otherwise, fashion walls for your space from a fence, a screen or a trellis painted an uplifting sunny hue. •Accentrepparttar 100155 yellow with bright blue or vivid turquoise. Shades of terracotta, red, orange and bright pink are also popular. Furniture •Furniture made of heavy wood looks most authentic in Mexican style decorating. Small rough-hewn side tables are suitable. If you can't get heavy wooden furnishing, paint simple wooden folding chairs bright yellow and blue. •Alternatively, use wrought iron or hammered metal furniture. The Mexican influence of these materials can be also be used in gate hinges or accessories such as candlesticks. Tiles •Mexico is justly famous for its beautiful tiles -- either unfinished terracotta or those with bold glazed patterns of flowers or other objects in shades of yellow, blue and red. •Consider clay floor tiles to give a concrete slab patio a fresh new look. If tiling is not in your budget, get creative with paint as we did on this city balcony. http://www.paradiseporch.com/before_after.php

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