Home Video? Bring it on.

Written by David D. Deprice

So you got yourself a digital camcorder. If you want to be able to edit and produce awesome home videos, you'll need some tools.

VideoCharge http://www.deprice.com/videocharge.htm

VideoCharge is a quick, easy, and simple processing solution for Video, Audio, or Image files. VideoCharge is a full-range editor, which allows users to perform practically any operations with incoming files such as: splitting files up into several scenes, merging several files into a single file, cutting scene(s) out of video files, creating video file(s) based on selected scene(s), creating thumbnails for video files in manually or automatically mode, addition Watermark to movie(s) or thumbnail(s), Solving Interlace Video problem. VideoCharge includes enhanced DVD Ripper and DVD Player, which are intended, except processing DVD contents, to play and convert Mpeg2, VOB files (.vob), and also to work with a group of VOB files, using index information from IFO files.

AVOne Gold http://www.deprice.com/avonegold.htm

AVOne Gold - DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG/AVI/ASF Converter is a powerful tool for video file conversion. It also allows you to specify NTSC or PAL format of output file, PAL-to-NTSC conversion, and vice versa. Support for AVI, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4 formats. User-friendly interface lets you easily preview video files and convert; Split a large video file into several small mpeg file to burn on CDR, Joint function let you joint all imported file into one large video. You can adjust color for exporting video via color tools. Paste your own LOGO on exported video.

Digital archiving; Preparing for the worst… preparing for the future

Written by Jay Corrao – Copyright 2005

What would happen if one dayrepparttar basement flooded, or God forbid, your house was to burn down or any other natural disaster were to strike your home? You may have homeowners, fire, flood, or disaster insurance. Your home may be rebuilt,repparttar 148278 furniture and appliances replaced; but what about you’re precious memories; photos, slides, personal videos, home movies, audio, and important documents? They could be gone forever. In fact if you were to ask anyone who has ever experienced such a tragedy they would tell you thatrepparttar 148279 most painful part of surviving such a disaster short of losing a loved one isrepparttar 148280 loss of precious memorabilia. Fortunately I have not had to endure this kind of loss first hand but I have had friends who have experienced such a loss. It soon struck me how important it really is to for people to protect what is truly important in their lives…they’re memories.

The answer to this dilemma is really very simple. Digitally back-up your precious photos, videos, documents and other items dear to you and store them in a safe place. I know this is easier said then done. Many people don’t haverepparttar 148281 time, energy or know how to undertake such an endeavor. That’s whererepparttar 148282 services of an experienced digital archiver can be invaluable. Professional Digital Archivers can take your valued memorabilia and save it digitally to high quality, long lasting DVD media which has an estimated shelf life of 75 years or more.

Securing your precious memories from disaster is notrepparttar 148283 only reason to digitally archive your precious memorabilia. Wouldn’t you like to keep all of your cherished photos, slides, videos, home movies and documents intact and unchanged for generations to come? Digitally archived items remain unaltered. What is saved today will lookrepparttar 148284 same years from now. Paper documents yellow, photos fade, and video deteriorates. You cannot count on these objects to surviverepparttar 148285 test of time but you can count on you’re digital archive to.

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