Home Sweet Treadmill

Written by Jeff London

For those of you trying to stay in shape or shed a few pounds (who isn't?) there are tons of resources. Perhaps you think there's nothing better than outdoor sports to burn uprepparttar calories as you feel those wonderful endorphins kicking in.

But what if it's winter and you're snowbound? What if you live, as I do, inrepparttar 147221 Southeast, where it seems that it's either too hot and humid for outdoor exertion, or it's pouring rain.

Your next best alternative may be an indoor regimen. Gyms, however, are expensive, and crowded - and, annoyingly for those of us who are well past our prime, full of 18 year olds in Spandex that make us feel likerepparttar 147222 Pillsbury Doughboy in sweats.

So, it's home gym time. Yes, stationary bikes arerepparttar 147223 cheapest, but have you ever sat on one of those seats for any length of time? Ouch!

My favorite indoor equipment is a home treadmill. It burns up more calories than a stationary bike, is more comfortable, and doesn't tear up my arthritic old knees like a stair stepper. Best of all, I can turn it on, climb aboard and watch TV all atrepparttar 147224 same time. My exercise time just flies by. Then I fold it up, stuff it underrepparttar 147225 couch. Try doing that with a Bow Flex!

Your home treadmill can be manual or electric, and come in a variety of different styles and options for workout speed, regulation and incline. You can walk on a flat surface at an easy three miles per hour or race rapidly up a hill. It's all up to you. Treadmills are easy to operate and offer a workout that quickly adapts to your desired pace and exertion level.

Men Have More Delicate Skin Than Women! Ė Natural Menís SkincareÖ

Written by Chrissy Birdsall

Itís a fact. Menís skin is more delicate than womenís.

Yep, you heard right! The daily shaving ritual aggravatesrepparttar skin, destroyingrepparttar 147178 hydrolytic film onrepparttar 147179 skinís surface, thereby increasing dryness and reducingrepparttar 147180 skinís natural protection. Whatís more, men Ė especially outdoor men Ė tend to expose their skin to a torturous array of damaging conditions including sun, wind, water, salt, building products, chemicals, cuts, scratches, and grazes.

Itís no wonder, then, thatrepparttar 147181 man of today is more concerned about his skin than ever before. Like his level of fitness and health, his apparel, and his grooming, a manís skin says a lot about him. Unfortunately, this new-found awareness is leading some men torepparttar 147182 conclusion that they should be using their wivesí skincare products. This is a mistake! A manís skin is different to a womanís, so it needs to be treated differently.

Why is menís skin different to womenís? Before we can talk about how natural menís skincare caters to menís unique needs, we need to understand what those needs are. Why is menís skin different to womenís skin? There are four main differences between menís skin and womenís skin:

ē Men have thicker skin (although many women would beg to differ) ē Men have oilier skin ē Men have more delicate skin ē Menís skin has smaller sebaceous glands

Why natural menís skincare? Thereís little point using a skincare product which is made for a womanís skin. Quality-made natural menís skincare addressesrepparttar 147183 differences between menís skin and womenís skin (without turning skincare into a tedious, never-ending chore).

A quality menís facial scrub is formulated to combatrepparttar 147184 drying effect of shaving while atrepparttar 147185 same time exfoliating and replenishingrepparttar 147186 skinís natural defenses. A menís soap contains specially selected oils and organic ingredients which not only cleanse but which also accelerate healing. Menís shaving supplements leaverepparttar 147187 face feeling fresh and moist, not dry and aggravated. And of course, menís all-in-one face and eye moisturizers provide convenient yet dynamic skin rejuvenation while simultaneously minimizingrepparttar 147188 damaging effects of excess sunlight.

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