Home Schooling in your RV

Written by Rooster

At first glancerepparttar terms “hittingrepparttar 149233 road” and “hittingrepparttar 149234 books” might appear mutually exclusive. But if you home school your children and have access to a motor home, read on.

Your one room school house on wheels.

One of major concerns of parents who decide to home school their children is that their child is not exposed torepparttar 149235 wide array of mental stimuli encountered by children who participate in a more conventional education. Children who go to public and even private schools are exposed to many different cultures, personalities and diverse beliefs. However, children schooled inrepparttar 149236 home sometimes are not exposed to a wide variety of other children. Co-operative home schooling, which brings a number of families together to sharerepparttar 149237 work in educating their children, helps somewhat but home schooled children still, may not experiencerepparttar 149238 plethora of mental stimuli experienced by their more traditionally schooled counterparts. One way to ensure that your child has access to these stimuli is to pack up your motor home and hitrepparttar 149239 road.

Math Class

As you head downrepparttar 149240 highway in your one room school house on wheels, opportunities for teaching abound. In addition torepparttar 149241 regular daily lesson plan, you can incorporate trip specific lessons intorepparttar 149242 daily work. For example,repparttar 149243 math lesson begins when you stop atrepparttar 149244 neighborhood filling station to top off your tank. Consultrepparttar 149245 owners’ manual of your motor home and find outrepparttar 149246 capacity in gallons of your fuel tank. If age and grade appropriate have your young student convert this measurement from gallons to liters. For younger children, a fun activity is to let them watchrepparttar 149247 pump throughrepparttar 149248 RV window and countrepparttar 149249 gallons or even tenths of gallons that pour into your motor homes fuel tank. Of course withrepparttar 149250 current price of gasoline, this activity will be much more fun for them than for you. Once you’ve filled your tank, get outrepparttar 149251 map and sit with your student to study your route. Consult your motor home’s manual again and find how many miles per gallon you can expect to get. Help your young student compose a formula to find how far downrepparttar 149252 planned route you’ll be able to travel before your motor home requires fuel again. You can help your child userepparttar 149253 map to help navigate as you travel along. Plan a side trip atrepparttar 149254 spur ofrepparttar 149255 moment. Ask your child to tell you how this side trip will affect your timetable and fuel bill?

Is Home Schooling on the Internet the New Wave of Education?

Written by Matt Degree

Do you have children in school - or are you planning for it soon?

Have you asked yourself if public schools are really doing all they can to improve your child and educate him or her forrepparttar real world?

Do you try to stifle desires to send them to private schools because ofrepparttar 149097 cost orrepparttar 149098 perceived 'elitist' mentality?

Have you ever had a day arrive when your child comes home worn out, agitated and frustrated and thought to yourself "I'd love to keep my child home and teach him myself - if only I hadrepparttar 149099 time."

Now, maybe you can. Here are some ofrepparttar 149100 options.


Yes, private schools are sought byrepparttar 149101 wealthiest and most privileged of society. Although some would likely debaterepparttar 149102 benefits of private schooling over public schooling most parents probably have consideredrepparttar 149103 option and would jump atrepparttar 149104 opportunity to give private schooling to their children if it appeared.

Unfortunately, for most families, private schooling is simply not a reality. At a cost of $7000 and upwards,repparttar 149105 ability to afford such education is beyond their means. Religious affiliated schools are less expensive, but still not an option for many families with a of cost several thousands per year.


Traditional home schooling whererepparttar 149106 parent isrepparttar 149107 supervisor ofrepparttar 149108 child's work is another option. With fantastic resources and helpful teachers to assist, it has been a form of education that can berepparttar 149109 answer to parents who wantrepparttar 149110 one-on-one education that public schools cannot provide.

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