Home Office Feng Shui

Written by Vishal P. Rao

2004 Vishal P. Rao

Whether you believe inrepparttar Oriental powers of feng shui or not, there are an increasingly large number of people who do. Either way, it's fun to examine different ideas, so let's take a look at your home office fromrepparttar 117004 feng shui point of view.

Business people in Asia have considered work place feng shui to be a crucial contributor to personal and business success for centuries. Anything that has lasted for centuries is worth a closer look to see if any part ofrepparttar 117005 concept will work for you. In this article we will ignore corporate business office feng shui, and focus on home office adaptations.

Have a separate outside entrance to your office if possible. If you can not, then choose a room that is nearrepparttar 117006 front or back door ofrepparttar 117007 house or apartment. Separate your home office fromrepparttar 117008 rest ofrepparttar 117009 living area in order to keep your business and personal lives separate. If your home office is part of a larger room, then partition it off with bookcases, screens, or large plants.

Never have your back torepparttar 117010 window. Having your back to a door symbolically leaves you open to attack. If you directly face a door you may be overpowered byrepparttar 117011 incoming Chi. The best position is with your back to a wall that holds an Earth element such as a picture of a mountain or a lake. The next best position is angled away from a doorway or facing a wall featuring a water element such as a fish or a picture of lake, or even abstract art that features wavy lines.

You can energize your desk by adorning it with objects that symbolizerepparttar 117012 five elements to attract work and luck. Simply followrepparttar 117013 Lo Shu grid like this:

North: Your beverage cup or glass. Northeast: A crystal paperweight Northwest: Your computer terminal East: Fresh flowers Southeast: A small green plant South: A desk lamp or something red

Flat ceilings are best for promotingrepparttar 117014 flow of Chi. If you have a sloped ceiling, cathedral ceiling, or exposed beams then you you can hang wind chimes or bamboo flutes to offsetrepparttar 117015 negative effects.

If you have views of harmful elements from your window, you can negate them byrepparttar 117016 strategic placement of wind chimes or plants. Cactus and Bamboo are plants symbolize good fortune and are ideal for placement inrepparttar 117017 home office. Any sharp leaved plants are good feng shui in this area as they are believed to deter harmful influences.

Always take a short walk before entering your office to work each day and another one atrepparttar 117018 end of your working day as another measure of separating your business life from your personal life. Leave at least 7-9 inches of space between each piece of office furniture. This allows room for energy to flow.

Equipping Your Home Office - Part 1

Written by Vishal P. Rao

2004 Vishal P. Rao

Choosing Home Office Furniture

Having an adequately equipped home office is essential to being productive. It is not necessary that everything be brand new, nor is it necessary that you spend a lot of money. What is important is that you select your items carefully and that they are functional and safe for use in a home office environment.

Check your telephone directory for used office furniture stores. Many time you can find very nice furniture available at a fraction ofrepparttar cost. Don't forget to also checkrepparttar 117003 resale store and thrift shops in your area, as well asrepparttar 117004 local classified ads.

1. The Desk

Bigger is better when it comes to desks. Try to choose one that has lots of room for your computer monitor, keyboard, telephone, and space to spread out paperwork and anything else that you may be working on atrepparttar 117005 moment. Pick a desk that has adequate drawer space and a file drawer for short-term filing of active projects.

If you choose a desk that has a built-in keyboard support shelf, make sure thatrepparttar 117006 shelf it wide enough to hold your keyboard and still have plenty of room to let you perform natural mouse moment. Some ofrepparttar 117007 new keyboard designs, such asrepparttar 117008 Microsoft "Natural", are wider than standard keyboards.

2. The Chair

Proper back and neck support is essential when you spend all day sitting down. Buyrepparttar 117009 best chair that you can afford. Your chair must have solid upper and lower (or lumbar) back support. A flimsy backrest puts stress on your spine while you're seated and causes back pain. Look for a chair where repparttar 117010 lower portion of a backrest is slightly curved to followrepparttar 117011 natural contour of your spine.

You chair's seat seat should feel comfortable when you initially sit down, and should remain that way after you've been seated for a significant period of time. Ifrepparttar 117012 seat becomes uncomfortable thenrepparttar 117013 foam padding may not be a high enough density, orrepparttar 117014 contouring may not be right for your body.

Make sure you have plenty of room around your hips and thighs. You should have at least one inch of space on either side of your body. It is also important that your chair's seat properly supports your thighs withoutrepparttar 117015 edge ofrepparttar 117016 seat coming in contact withrepparttar 117017 back of your legs while you are sitting.

3. File Cabinets

To keep your home office organized, and avoid clutter, you are going to need filing cabinets. There essentially two different files cabinets that are perfect for a home office. Here is a quick summary:

a) Vertical file cabinets

This isrepparttar 117018 most common file cabinet. Vertical cabinets are taller than they are wide so that they use a minimum amount of wall space. They have anywhere from two to five drawers and arerepparttar 117019 right size to hold hold letter and legal-size documents. They come in a variety of colors and gauges of steel. If you can afford to buy one that is fireproof, so muchrepparttar 117020 better.

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