Home Office Ergonomics

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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Long office hours are often necessary for freelance professionals. This is exactly why so many of us have chronic headaches, cracking wrists, tingling fingers, and stiff necks. All of these symptoms can be avoided by designing your home office with ergonomics on your mind. This article will summarizerepparttar basics of home office ergonomic design.

CHAIR - Your chair isrepparttar 117415 most important piece of furniture in your office. You want to find a comfortable chair that hasrepparttar 117416 following characteristics.

1. Adjustable height 2. Lower, raise, and tilt backwards 3. 16" to 20" off ofrepparttar 117417 floor 4. Lumbar support 5. Good backrest and wide enough to support shoulders 6. Chair's seat should allow 1"-4" of space between edge of chair and your knees 7. Front edge of seat is curved 8. 5 wheels 9. Padded armrests that can lower or raise

Before you purchase your chair, make sure to give it a test drive. If possible, moverepparttar 117418 chair that you like in front of a desk and see how it feels. Adjustrepparttar 117419 seat so that your feet are flat onrepparttar 117420 floor. When you do thisrepparttar 117421 lumbar support should fit intorepparttar 117422 small of your back. Ifrepparttar 117423 chair fits your body and meets our guidelines, purchaserepparttar 117424 chair. A good chair will cost anywhere from $400 - $2,000.

DESK - Before purchasing a desk, evaluate your needs. What is your profession? What equipment will you be using? How much desktop room will you need? Make sure to allow space for computer equipment, telephone, Rolodex, other office supplies, and writing room. Make sure that you will have room for heavily used items on your desk, or you might have to constantly stretch, twist, and turn to reach items that you need. Height-adjustable large tables are found to have cost-effective benefits. These tables let you move from keyboard to side table without having to hunch your shoulders.

KEYBOARD / MOUSE TRAY - Since it is so important to have your wrists atrepparttar 117425 right height when using input devices, a tray system is important to consider as an option. Choose a system that hasrepparttar 117426 following features:

1. Height adjustable 2. Adjustable angle 3. Allows for upper arm relaxation by right angle position of arms.

You should place your keyboard 28"-30" off ofrepparttar 117427 floor. If your keyboard is too low you will slump over your keyboard, and if it is too high you will strain your wrists. You should also purchase a wrist pad for in front of your keyboard to cushion your wrists.

Effective Promotion With the Use of Signatures

Written by Rachel Goldstein

Article submitted by http://www.Allfreelancework.com - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to promote your freelancing business? The email signature is a very powerful and reliable method of marketing your services . and FREE! Not only would I recommendrepparttar use of signatures, I am telling you that signatures are vital torepparttar 117414 growth of your business.

What is a signature?

A signature is a few lines of text that are automatically added torepparttar 117415 end of every outgoing email by your mail program (for ex. Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, etc.). Email signatures can normally be set up in your email program very easily. Browse around your email program's menu bar to find out how to set up your signature or just look atrepparttar 117416 help files in order to figure it out. If your email program doesn't have a signature option available, try keeping your signatures in a text file and then cut and paste them into emails. This is less convenient, but another option non-the-less.

How can a signature help promote my business?

Consider all ofrepparttar 117417 emails that you send out daily. You could harnessrepparttar 117418 marketing power of email by adding information about your services torepparttar 117419 end of each email. If even just one person remembers that John Doe is a web designer when they need a web site designed, John has gotten his name out there successfully.

For ex:

EX#1: John Doe (JohnDoe@deezin.com) Inexpensive Web Design http://www.deezin.com/

How do I effectively use a signature?

1. Include your full name and email address (to make clickable use mailto: before email address)

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