Home Mortgage Low Interest Rate - Finding The Best Mortgage Rate

Written by Carrie Reeder

Interest rates are at an all time low, making nowrepparttar perfect time to purchase a new home or refinance your existing mortgage. The interest rate you receive will depend largely on your credit rating, monthly debt, and your income. Mortgage loans are typically 15 to 30 years in length and will either have a fixed or variable interest rate.

Before you apply for a mortgage it's a good idea to check your credit report. Even with poor credit, correcting mistakes and checkingrepparttar 148749 accuracy of your credit report can be very helpful to you in choosing a lender and obtainingrepparttar 148750 lowest interest rate possible.

A pre-qualification or pre-approval from a lender can be useful in searching for and making an offer on a new home. Sellers can be very receptive to potential homebuyers who have already begunrepparttar 148751 mortgage process.

Loan products vary from one lending institution to another, so be certain to compare rates and terms. The rate of interest you pay can greatly affect your monthly payments andrepparttar 148752 over all costs involved in obtaining and paying off your home loan. Findingrepparttar 148753 best interest rate available to you will definitely save you money. While shopping for a mortgage, checkrepparttar 148754 current interest rates as well as projected fluctuations inrepparttar 148755 market. Interest rates are currently at an all time low but even slight periodic changes can mean more money out of your pocket.

Option Trading Tips - Covered Call Cashflow

Written by James Thomas

Writing Covered Calls is a conservative strategy where you buy a stock that you would like to invest in and then write a call option against that stock.

This is a cash generating strategy that not only offers downside protection that you otherwise wouldn't enjoy if you just boughtrepparttar stock, but also gives yourepparttar 148748 ability to generate a consistent monthly income, for only minutes of your time.

However as with all option trading strategies, there are pitfalls that you will need to avoid if you are to be consistently profitable.

Here are a few tips that may help you write covered calls successfully.

Always checkrepparttar 148749 fundamentals ofrepparttar 148750 underlying stock and make sure that you would be happy to own even if options didn't exist.

A great resource for viewing fundamental 'ratings' for stocks is at http://www.morningstar.com

Don't enter a Covered Call trade just becauserepparttar 148751 option premium looks attractive. Higher option premiums (10-15% or more) often mean thatrepparttar 148752 stock is more volatile i.e. prone to huge price swings and therefore greater risk.

I personally targetrepparttar 148753 larger, more liquid and stable companies with monthly call option premiums betweenrepparttar 148754 3-6% range.

One of my personal favorites and a stock that I have had considerable success writing covered calls on overrepparttar 148755 years is Oracle (ORCL).

I've also had consistent success with Intel (INTC) and Nokia (NOK). At timesrepparttar 148756 Nasdaq Tracking Unit (QQQQ) is also attractive (a 3% yield isrepparttar 148757 highest I've ever seen it though).

Don't hold stocks at least 2 days either side of earnings announcements. Much ofrepparttar 148758 time expectations of good and even great earnings are already priced intorepparttar 148759 stock and shouldrepparttar 148760 stock fall short of expectations or even worse disappoint, a virtual bloodbath can follow. I've experienced declines of 30-50% in just a few days by holding my covered call stocks over earnings announcements.

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