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Written by Max Stein

One ofrepparttar fastest growing sectors ofrepparttar 109345 medical industry is that of home health. There are many reasons for this growth, but most important are: The number of aging and infirm citizens inrepparttar 109346 country.

The lower cost of care in relation to hospitals and long term care facilities.

The fact health providers consider home care to berepparttar 109347 most humane and compassionate form of care.

Because ofrepparttar 109348 rapid growth in this category of healthcare, a variety of employment opportunities have become available. Many hospitals are turning to home health as a method to recapture revenue that would be otherwise lost. Despiterepparttar 109349 efforts of hospitals to enterrepparttar 109350 home care market, private companies dominate home health. Since these are primarily businesses that have not been in existence for long, they need to hire not only for in home providers, but also for support and administrative positions.

The future demand for home care will be staggering. In 1997, over 22.4 million households provided home care to a loved one over 50. Over time, this drain on physical and emotional resources will result in a desire for outside help inrepparttar 109351 home. Additionally, Medicare funding of short term home health care is projected to more than double by 2010. Meanwhile, workers employed inrepparttar 109352 home health field actually dropped by 29,000 in 2000. The projected employment outlook for just home health aides leads all medical job categories at a whopping 66.8%!

One may thinkrepparttar 109353 vast majority of home health related jobs are lower paying aide jobs. Fortunately, this is notrepparttar 109354 case. As previously mentioned, private home health companies will need to increase their administrative and support positions like medical coders, accounting and billing, medical secretaries, nurse managers, shift schedulers, information technology and marketing. Working for a home health company doesnít necessarily dictate providing direct patient care.

Ten great careers that donít require a four year degree.

Written by Max Stein

One ofrepparttar great myths associated withrepparttar 109344 ďAmerican DreamĒ is that you need to have a four-year college degree to be successful. Asrepparttar 109345 economy has shifted torepparttar 109346 information age, with a greater reliance on technology and services, this belief applies less and less. The new economy relies on technology more than any time inrepparttar 109347 past. In fact 70% of existing jobs require specific technical knowledge and this technology is being applied in newly created industries like biometrics, homeland security, nanotechnology and reusable energy.

Eighty percent of existing jobs donít require a four-year degree, while only 25% of students who begin college actually graduate. Of those who do graduate, 30% donít get a job that actually requires a degree!

The solution to these issues for many graduating

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