Home Gyms with Free Weights

Written by Gary Gresham

Having your own home gym with free weights is not only convenient but gives yourepparttar freedom to work out anytime you want. You save time and money, have no costly gym fees, no driving time, and no child care is needed.

Having a home gym with free weights and a machine for aerobic activity isrepparttar 148680 perfect combination for your home gym workout routine. Exercise and cardiovascular fitness are essential in a balanced fitness program.

It's important to include stretching and resistance to help build and tone muscles, burn fat and help prevent injury. Variety isrepparttar 148681 key to enjoying and keeping you motivated for a successful exercise workout program.

Setting goals that are realistic can be a huge motivating factor in sticking to your home gym workout routine. These goals keep your mind focused onrepparttar 148682 rewards you will see and feel.

Once you start your exercise workout program and experience good results, you will become even more dedicated to achieving your goals. When beginning an exercise program here are a few important things to consider:

1. Decide how many times a week you are willing to dedicate yourself to this exercise workout program. For any real benefits to occur, your home gym workout routine should be done at least 3 to 4 times a week. It is also important to set aside a couple of days each week for complete rest.

The 4 Most Common Attributes of a Quality Treadmill

Written by Aaron Co

With allrepparttar marketing hype consumers are facing today, it’s quite hard to differentiate a quality treadmill from an inferior treadmill. That’s why I researched on what quality treadmills have that inferior treadmills don’t. This article, The 4 Most Common Attributes of a Quality Treadmill, wasrepparttar 148624 result of that research.

The traits below are vital to a treadmill’s performance and arerepparttar 148625 things that you’ll always find in a quality treadmill.

Continuous Horsepower

One ofrepparttar 148626 most important attributes of a quality treadmill is its horsepower or HP. There are 2 ways to measurerepparttar 148627 HP of a motor, through “peak duty” or “continuous duty”. Treadmills with a continuous duty horsepower mean thatrepparttar 148628 motor can maintain a certain horsepowerrepparttar 148629 whole workout. Peak duty horsepower meansrepparttar 148630 treadmill may be able to reach that horsepower briefly, but won’t be able to sustain it.

Most inferior treadmills try to make their machines look better by listing their peak duty rather than their continuous duty horsepower. Quality treadmills have nothing to hide and would always put their continuous duty horsepower upfront for everyone to see.

Powerful Motor

When I say power, what I really mean is thatrepparttar 148631 motor should be able to pump power with ease throughoutrepparttar 148632 whole machine. For example, a 2.5HP continuous duty motor in an entry level model is powerful, butrepparttar 148633 same cannot be said if that motor is in a commercial treadmill, since it would be way too weak to makerepparttar 148634 huge commercial unit function.

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