Home Fragrance in Vogue

Written by Carol A Cass

The home fragrance market is booming. From perfume, toiletries, and cosmetics to pre packaged foods. It is currently a multi billion dollar industry that continues to show strong growth. The strongest growth has taken place inrepparttar last 5 years and is expected to continue through 2007 and beyond. Western Europe, Japan, andrepparttar 105424 US continue to lead with 65 percent of demand and over three-quarters of world wide production of home fragrance products. Rapid growth of home fragrance sales has also been registered in Asia/Pacific, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Market researchers attributerepparttar 105425 growing trend of home fragrance popularity in repparttar 105426 US torepparttar 105427 fact that we are spending more time at home. We are using home fragrances to UN-stress ourselves and make our indoor environment a healthier and more pleasing place to be. And we like it, it makes us feel good. Consumer research is quite convincing. People feel better about themselves and are more comfortable at home when a home fragrance delivery system in use.

Market researchers also point out that consumers are eagerly embracing home fragrance products that neutralize odors and bacteria in our indoor air, not just cover them up. A stylish home fragrance delivery system which can be displayed as decor inrepparttar 105428 home or work place. Consumers desire an attractive as well as efficient home fragrance delivery system.

There are many home fragrance delivery systems available to us today. Fromrepparttar 105429 plug-ins, solids, and sprays, to name a few, which temporarily mask or cover up odors and are readily available inrepparttar 105430 local supermarket. To repparttar 105431 stylish and very much in vogue Fragrance Lamps which you won't find inrepparttar 105432 local supermarket. Fragrance Lamps can be found in specialty gift and decor shops, and on line. One such Fragrance Lamp isrepparttar 105433 La Tee Da collection of fragrance lamps. http://www.coronetgiftsolutions.com/la-tee-da_effusion_lamps.asp La Tee Da is leadingrepparttar 105434 way in home fragrance effusion lamp technology. La Tee Da's exclusive scalloped burner design enhancesrepparttar 105435 home fragrance experience. La Tee Da fragrance lamps or effusion lamps as they are sometimes called are made of hand blown art glass. These fragrance lamps come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. La Tee Da fragrance lamps befit any decor, home or work place.

Sonia Perez of Coronet Gift Solutions http://www.coronetgiftsolutions.com in Florida says her retail customers are becoming creative in their approach to home fragrance. "They like to have different fragrances for each room of their houses. Say, Verbena inrepparttar 105436 bedroom and Sandalwood Mahogany inrepparttar 105437 living room or den." Some of her customers fragrance 3 or 4 rooms, each with a different fragrance. Sonia recommends fragrance lamps because of their style and their ability to sanitizerepparttar 105438 air while they fragrance it. "Fragrance lamps are great! And collectable too." She also supplies interior designers who love using fragrance lamps as a decor embellishment. "The La Tee Da lamps work well as an attractive accent piece torepparttar 105439 design scheme and atrepparttar 105440 same time fragrance and sanitize repparttar 105441 room or entire house, and their clients adore them" .Pure indoor air has become a priority with consumers says Sonia. "Women want more than just pretty air; they want clean air at home and atrepparttar 105442 office."

The La Tee Da fragrance lamp catalytic conversion process isrepparttar 105443 same as that used byrepparttar 105444 old time European catalytic burner (effusion lamp) of Justus Von Liebig. Using this catalytic conversion La Tee Da fragrance lamps

You Can Have a Mosquito Free Yard

Written by Sarah Yee

In addition torepparttar fact that mosquitoes are both annoying and cause some level of discomfort when you’re unfortunate enough to berepparttar 105422 entree on their daily menu, they also carry disease which can affectrepparttar 105423 animal, bird and human populations. In order to keeprepparttar 105424 possibility of such a fate to a minimum, you’ll need to initiate steps to control these pests inrepparttar 105425 home environment.

Water that accumulates in tires, buckets and other types of outdoor containers provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Your yard should be carefully inspected for any signs of pooled water that might attract these insects. It doesn’t take much to entice mosquitoes to hang around, once they’ve found a swampy area that they can call home.

Gutters should be checked on a regular basis, in order to avoidrepparttar 105426 accumulation of leaves and other objects that might form a blockage. When this happens, water can accumulate and offerrepparttar 105427 irresistible temptation for mosquitoes to breed. This is especially true in those climates which experience autumn, since fallen leaves are abundant andrepparttar 105428 foliage is often damp due to rain.

Children’s wading pools can berepparttar 105429 equivalent of a spa for mosquitoes. Be sure to emptyrepparttar 105430 pool at least once each week and refill it with fresh water, ifrepparttar 105431 pool is in constant use. When it’s not being used, empty and dry it thoroughly and store it indoors – within a storage shed, basement, garage or other structure that can accommodate its dimensions.

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