Home Cooked Fast Food

Written by Sue DeFiore

Many years ago a nifty little device came out calledrepparttar Crock Pot. You could cut up a bunch of veggies, meat, and spices, dump them inrepparttar 139912 pot, and it did allrepparttar 139913 hard work. You came home atrepparttar 139914 end ofrepparttar 139915 day and Presto you had a nice hearty meal. Add a salad and some bread/rolls and you were set.

As I visit numerous on line boards and web groups/forums I see more and more people mentioning how they made their meal inrepparttar 139916 crock pot. I am happy to see it is making a comeback. With allrepparttar 139917 press whichrepparttar 139918 obesity crisis and how bad we all eat is getting, it gives me hope for many Americans. Now we just have to worry about how to getrepparttar 139919 rest of them to eat healthier.

I am so tired of hearing from people they donít haverepparttar 139920 time for home cooked meals. I work, I haverepparttar 139921 kids, yada, yada, yada. Everyone has some kind of excuse. However, if you ask these same people if they saw Survivor, Amazing Race or any number of other reality shows, they can reciterepparttar 139922 show from beginning to end. Well, how about using your hands for something other than stuffing your face while you are watching television. Cut up some meat and vegetables. If you really donít haverepparttar 139923 time it will take to cook uprepparttar 139924 meat (anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes depending onrepparttar 139925 meat and how you like it) then buy pre-cooked meat.

Hot Fun In The Summertime

Written by Susan Ely

Hot Fun In The Summertime

I lived in central Florida for fifteen long, hot years. This northern girl literally wilted onrepparttar vine there. I just could not adapt torepparttar 139888 heat. My biggest complaint was that for some reason Florida was no longer regarded as a tropical climate, at least not when it came to business clothing. Whereas previously, a loose cotton or linen guayabera wasrepparttar 139889 obvious and acceptable choice forrepparttar 139890 blistering weather, nowadays it could be a hundred degrees outside and yet everyone swelters in a suit. I donít get it. Who is making these rules?

Mealtimes tend to have lots of rules, too. Growing up, mealtime was exactlyrepparttar 139891 same at my house, summer or winter. Other thanrepparttar 139892 occasional barbecued hamburger, my Mother producedrepparttar 139893 same meals day in and day out all year long. 98 degrees, oven on, burners flaming and no air conditioning, it didnít matter. As much as I love to cook, Iím no longer a slave to that line of thinking. Whenrepparttar 139894 weather is tropical, so are my clothes and so are my meals. I say, lighten up! Try out these summer meal ideas and see how comfortablerepparttar 139895 heat can be!

Even if your family demands a hot meal, try incorporating some cold items intorepparttar 139896 menu. Pasta is still a great option; but make it with a fresh sauce instead of one that simmers all day long. Blanch your vegetables early inrepparttar 139897 morning (or do extras one day) then marinate and serve cold with a grilled entree. Or roast two chickens, and save one to eat coldrepparttar 139898 next evening.

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