Home Cinema Room Setup

Written by Matthew Seigneur

The best home theater experience is achieved with proper home cinema room setup. A home theater cannot be setup like any regular living room or den - it has special requirements so you can getrepparttar full experience fromrepparttar 110021 sight and sound ofrepparttar 110022 movies you watch. There are very specific things you can do to make your viewing experiencerepparttar 110023 best it can be.

While it may be tempting to put your seating and equipment at interesting angles and your speakers on whatever is handy, this will degraderepparttar 110024 sound and view of your home theater. The best set up, of course, is one much like that of a full sized movie theater. The room should be carpeted or have an area rug to giverepparttar 110025 best acoustics, andrepparttar 110026 walls should be decorated with non-reflective items - blankets, tapestries, and other similar wall hangings are good for absorbing sound.

The seating in your home theater room setup should be thick and comfortable, with thick upholstery to absorb sound waves. It should positioned inrepparttar 110027 rear center ofrepparttar 110028 cinema facingrepparttar 110029 center forrepparttar 110030 screen.

Home Theater Audio Setup

Written by Matthew Seigneur

Your home theater audio setup will depend onrepparttar space available to you, what kind of signal your receiver can carry, andrepparttar 110020 number of speakers you have. With proper setup, it doesn't matter if you have a simple stereo audio setup or a complex multi-speaker setup. Proper home theater audio setup will give yourepparttar 110021 most enjoyable experience.

The first step to proper home theater audio setup is if you have a tile, hardwood, or any other non-carpeted floor, to put down an area rug. Hard floors may look nice but they affect acoustics poorly.

The second step in home theater audio setup is to place your speakers. For a stereo setup, placement is simple - one on either side ofrepparttar 110022 viewing area. For Dolby Digital 5.1 or Surround EX, however, you must take extra considerations into mind. Your center speaker should either be on top or below your display and facing your primary viewing position. The left and right front speakers should be on either side ofrepparttar 110023 screen, preferably at ear level, at about a 45 degree angle fromrepparttar 110024 center ofrepparttar 110025 viewing position.

Ifrepparttar 110026 seating is meant for more than one person, all three ofrepparttar 110027 front speakers should be placed in a straight line. Surround speakers should be placed slightly torepparttar 110028 rear of and alongsiderepparttar 110029 seating, a few feet above head level when sitting. Ifrepparttar 110030 surround speakers must be placed behindrepparttar 110031 seating, experiment with pointingrepparttar 110032 speakers at an angle so thatrepparttar 110033 sound coming from them seems to 'surround'repparttar 110034 viewer. If you have a subwoofer, place it wherever is most convenient, as it's placement is not critical to sound reproduction.

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