Home Cinema Design

Written by Matthew Seigneur

Home Cinemas are becoming increasingly popular, but if you decide to install one you must think carefully about home cinema design. What system you buy, what seating you decide on and how you arrange your speakers depends on many factors, such asrepparttar viewer capacity you plan on having andrepparttar 110019 size ofrepparttar 110020 room that will berepparttar 110021 home to your home theater.

The optimum setup for a home cinema design is to give it its own dedicated room. This allows you to position seating, speakers,repparttar 110022 display and equipment inrepparttar 110023 best possible positions. Budget, however, will be your next consideration. You'll need at least a DVD or VHS player, a widescreen television set, an amplifier (preferably surround sound) and speakers. Make certain to leave room in your budget for cables and wiring as well.

You will also want to budget for interior design necessities such as seating, lighting, and acoustics. You will wantrepparttar 110024 best seating you can get forrepparttar 110025 most comfort. Remember, you will be spending hours upon hours inrepparttar 110026 seating watching movies, so they should be ergonomically correct and comfortable, but not torepparttar 110027 point where it would be easy to fall asleep in them. You will also wantrepparttar 110028 seating to be acoustically correct - they should have some sort of upholstery, without lots of exposed wood or metal parts. The seating also shouldn't have high backs, as this will affectrepparttar 110029 viewer's experience ofrepparttar 110030 sound by blurring it.

Lighting is also important. Too much light and you will be dealing with glare off of a screen or a washed out projection. Hang thick, heavy curtains of black or a drab color over any windows, and install a folding door over any doorways. Make sure any lighting in your home theater design is controllable so it can be turned off and on when needed.

Movie Review - Shrek 2

Written by Chris N. Fernando

The film opens with Shrek (voiced over by Mike Myers) and his beloved (now turned into an Ogre) Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) enjoying themselves on their honeymoon at sand-kissed beaches. Returning from their romantic idyll, Shrek and Princess Fiona are summoned by Fiona's parents,repparttar king (John Cleese) and queen (Julie Andrews) ofrepparttar 110018 "Kingdom Far, Far Away" (a fairy-tale version of Beverly Hills).

After much discussion,repparttar 110019 ogre couple finally decide to leave forrepparttar 110020 celebration atrepparttar 110021 "Kingdom Far, Far Away." Donkey also accompanies them with his whining and one-liner spouting all intact.

All alongrepparttar 110022 journey torepparttar 110023 "Kingdom Far, Far Away", you cannot resist but guffaw atrepparttar 110024 nasty doings ofrepparttar 110025 Donkey. Oncerepparttar 110026 ogre couple reachrepparttar 110027 kingdom for a homecoming celebration, Princess Fiona's parents are taken aback when they learn that their princess has married an ogre and become one, too (as always itsrepparttar 110028 parents who arerepparttar 110029 last ones to find out).

That's whenrepparttar 110030 king summons a Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) to eliminate Shrek and have his daughter Fiona married to Fairy Godmother's foppish son Prince Charming (Rupert Everett). The king also calls upon a famous yet cute little ogre hunter Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) for this task, butrepparttar 110031 feline eventually joins forces with Shrek and Donkey.

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