Home Business and the Suburb Wide Web

Written by Darby Higgs

Many small and home businesses feel daunted at first byrepparttar global reach ofrepparttar 139960 World Wide Web. They (wrongly) conclude thatrepparttar 139961 web has little to offer them because they are only servingrepparttar 139962 local area.

This mode of thinking is probably costing themrepparttar 139963 opportunity of extending their customer base and cutting their advertising bill.

More and more Australians are usingrepparttar 139964 Web asrepparttar 139965 first place they turn to when looking for information about products and services. This is a rapidly changing trend. A growing minority ofrepparttar 139966 people who seek information onrepparttar 139967 Web are also buying directly fromrepparttar 139968 Web.

The use ofrepparttar 139969 Internet in Australia is growing rapidly. One measure isrepparttar 139970 number of Broadband connections which rose from under 600,000 to over 1.7million inrepparttar 139971 past eighteen months. That's more than 2000 new connections every day. Many of them are household who are only just starting withrepparttar 139972 Web, but there are plenty of them. As they become more comfortable withrepparttar 139973 Web many will evolve from information seekers to online shoppers.

If you are marketing locally based products or services you can still userepparttar 139974 Web. You can be sure that your competitors will soon be doing so, if they haven't already started.

Australian Content for Australian Business

Written by Darby Higgs

The Internet is growing in leaps and bounds. More and more Australian businesses are discovering that they need to speak to their customers with Australian voice. But there is an dearth of Australian content available.

It is paradoxical that globalisation is creating a global village but atrepparttar same time making us more aware of our local communities.

Let's not get jingoistic about it, but many Australian consumers are happier reading something that speaks in their language.

Savvy marketers know this. For examplerepparttar 139959 series of advertisements for Holden cars featuring comedian Dave Hughes would have less appeal and credibility if they had say Jerry Seinfeld. The same is true forrepparttar 139960 web, if you are trying to reach stay-at-home mums in Australia you will lose credibility if you refer to them as "moms".

So why do Australian sites need Australian content?

The Web is still very new to many users; they feel more comfortable whenrepparttar 139961 material they are reading has a ring of familiarity. Many Australians are distrustful of American enthusiasm which they see as insincere hype. The difference may be subtle but can makerepparttar 139962 difference betweenrepparttar 139963 reader continuing to read on a site and hittingrepparttar 139964 back button.

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