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A Checklist for important Business Letters and emails

Written by SB

Write Right - You have an all important business letter or email drafted, proof read and waiting to be sent. Before you dash it off, use this self questionnaire to ensure that you have written to Express and not to Impress.

=> Is it actually necessary? Would a phone call or personal visit do?

=> What isrepparttar purpose ofrepparttar 116814 document? Is it to - Request information / Clarify a stand or position / Pass on information / Request action from your reader/s. Staterepparttar 116815 purpose inrepparttar 116816 first paragraph, preferably inrepparttar 116817 first line.

=> Isrepparttar 116818 document addressed torepparttar 116819 correct person?

=> Do I need to send copies to anyone?

=> If I want something, have I said by what date?

=> If requesting action, am I doing it politely?

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