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Written by Stephen Brennan

I've just finished reading and replying to an email from a rather confused and frustrated "Affiliate Hopeful". It's not something I do a whole lot of, as I don't advertise myself as an advisor or any kind of expert inrepparttar Internet Home Business area. But if I had any advice to give or if I was to decide to proclaim myself as any kind of authority, there is one very important piece of advice I would ram home hard to anyone willing to listen.

We all know (except mayberepparttar 137960 newbies that arrive in their multitudes every day) that almost all ofrepparttar 137961 'overnight successes' that we see touted on every second home business or affiliate marketing related website, are eitherrepparttar 137962 very rare exceptions or total rubbish. Whicheverrepparttar 137963 case,repparttar 137964 truth is that 99 percent, or more, ofrepparttar 137965 Internet home business hopefuls are NOT going to see a penny inrepparttar 137966 first 3 - 6 months, if indeed at all.

Ifrepparttar 137967 truth were known, they are going to spend far, far more than they earn at least inrepparttar 137968 beginning, if they ever earn anything at all. It's a well known and oft quoted fact that 95 percent of Affiliates NEVER make any money at all. That's one in twenty who has any success whatsoever. I suspectrepparttar 137969 figure is muchrepparttar 137970 same for most home business endeavors.

We have people blundering blindly into something that they have absolutely no real idea about, ready to take onrepparttar 137971 world (literally), just because some person who owns a website (who may well have about 2 weeks more experience than they have) says they are going to make a killing!

Would you really rush headlongrepparttar 137972 same way into a venture inrepparttar 137973 real world? I'm sure most wouldn't even consider trying their hand at any kind of business inrepparttar 137974 real world, without first getting some advice, as much information as possible about what they were going to be up against and also make sure they had a pretty good idea about exactly how they might actually achieve their goals, not to mention how to start.

How to squeeze hundreds of dollars from even the oldest resale rights products within 48 hours

Written by Tukshad. Engineer

Here’s an interesting little statistic- 95% of resale rights holders hardly make any sales. Why is this? There are 2 reasons- first, many people obtain resale rights (eg. Via ebook bundles) and do absolutely nothing with them. They sit and gather e-dust in their hard-drives. The second reason is that most resellers are LAZY- they promoterepparttar ebook inrepparttar 137930 same way that it was sold to them… usingrepparttar 137931 same sales pages and graphics. You see, if you get insiderepparttar 137932 mind of your customers you will discover that they’ll be askingrepparttar 137933 question “Why should I buy from you?” – if you offerrepparttar 137934 exact same thing as everyone else, chances are they wont.

So here is he single (yet shamefully simple) secret to profiting with resale rights- OFFER SOMETHING UNIQUE to your customers. Assuming you have a good product (and this is vital if you want to stay in business overrepparttar 137935 long run) get creative withrepparttar 137936 way you present it. There are many different ways to do this. For a start, many resale rights products have notably weak sales pages and graphics- you could rewriterepparttar 137937 sales page completely- suddenly you’re offering a product that (in your customer’s mind) no one else is offering. They’ve not seen this sales-page before- it’s fresh, enticing.. they want to buy from you now.

Another way of being unique is to create a special report yourself. It’s only available from you(highlight this onrepparttar 137938 sales page) and this gives you a real edge over your competition (who are still usingrepparttar 137939 standard sales page with no unique special report). Toss in a few complimentary bonuses and hey presto… you’re onto a real winner.

Now lets discuss some ofrepparttar 137940 ways you can generate some traffic to your site. Focus your energies onrepparttar 137941 strategies that have worked for you inrepparttar 137942 past- submitting relevant articles to directories, spending time on forums, trying to get JV deals and Pay per click traffic are some ofrepparttar 137943 traffic generating methods you should consider. Ofcourse, oncerepparttar 137944 traffic gets to your site, make absolutely sure that you collect their email address (for eg. By offering them a newsletter subscription or bonus that targets their interest). Think long term, because as your list of subscribers grow (and being frank this will take many months, or even years), so will your profits. Infact you’ll be able to generate hundreds of dollars from a single email if you build a responsive ( and well treated) newsletter list.

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