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Written by Bob Osgoodby

So you want to start a home based business. Just think, you can work in your slippers when you want to - what could be better? No commute, not having to play office politics, no income - Whoops how did that sneak in?

Let's have a reality check about your home business. Can you work in your slippers? Sure, no problem. If you aren't going to be meeting face to face with your clients, it makes little difference how you're dressed.

Can you work when you want to? That really depends on a lot of things. If you are a freelance writer with little, if any contact, withrepparttar public, yes you can. However, if you are selling a product or service, andrepparttar 117996 public will be contacting you , that may not work. The normal office is open duringrepparttar 117997 working day, but wait a minute. Typical office hours are 9-5 and if you call their number, you expect an answer. If you don't get an answer, you will most likely try another source. But withrepparttar 117998 Internet, what are typical office hours? If you live in Florida and are on eastern time, how about all your prospects onrepparttar 117999 West Coast? When you're wrapping it up forrepparttar 118000 day, they're just getting back from lunch.

So do you increase your office hours to cover all time zones. If you're onrepparttar 118001 west coast, open earlier inrepparttar 118002 morning - if you're onrepparttar 118003 east coast close later at night. Right - wrong. That will be self defeating, as far as running your own home based business. Before you worked 8 hours a day and since you decided to get out ofrepparttar 118004 "rat race", you now have to work eleven?

The first thing you should do is to postrepparttar 118005 hours when people can talk with you on your web site. But it is amazing how little attention some people pay to this. Calls will be received at all hours ofrepparttar 118006 day and night. Now, remember that anyone who does call, is a more serious prospect than one who simply responds to an email.

Should you have a toll free number? While many will argue that this is a more professional approach, it will increaserepparttar 118007 number of calls from people who are referred to as "tire kickers". If they have to spend "their dime" forrepparttar 118008 call, they will be less inclined to call unless they are serious.

How to run successful internet based home business

Written by Branko Rakic

A thousands of new home businesses starts every day. Internet is exploding and more and more people want to use that information highway to start or expand their existing business. Many of them fail inrepparttar first few years. The reason why is that happening is very simple. They didn't succeed to create a system that generate Multi Streams of Income. To achieve that you must work multiple affiliate and/or network opportunities. The super affiliates and network marketing leaders dorepparttar 117995 same, but they don't want to talk too much about that. This is one ofrepparttar 117996 reasons for their success. It's very risky to run only one opportunity. If or when your opportunity goes out of business you will must start from beginning. All companies declare to run only their business opportunity. But that is their self interest and if you really want to protect yourself from financial tragedy you must work multiple opportunities. For example, inrepparttar 117997 50 years or more long history of network marketing there was a thousands of companies involved. Today only about 40 still exist. So there is no question If, but When will some company go out of business. That isrepparttar 117998 main reason why you must run multiple opportunities to protect yourself from financial disaster. Fortunately we have a powerful Affiliate programs technology onrepparttar 117999 internet that helps us to run multiple opportunities. Affiliate programs are very popular today and they have a proven technology to run multiple opportunities and to get referrals. This consumer to consumer marketing system is growing and it works. It's little impersonal, but it's very efficient and in that momentrepparttar 118000 most successful business model onrepparttar 118001 internet. Affiliate programs are usually two tiered and with little or no money you can start earning commission almost immediately. But there isrepparttar 118002 dark side of running affiliate programs as well. Majority of affiliates don't have enough knowledge to use internet technology and successfully promote their opportunities. Onrepparttar 118003 other hand,repparttar 118004 business opportunity owners usually haverepparttar 118005 same problem. Most of them don't know how to successful run business onrepparttar 118006 internet. There are exceptions, but they are in minority. We all knowrepparttar 118007 financial result of running these programs. Affiliates make little or no money and they are unsatisfied. Very small percentage of affiliates makes $50,000 or more money per year. Affiliates become disappointed and immediately jump into another affiliate program andrepparttar 118008 story repeats over and over again. The question is: What to do to step out of that magic circle?

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