Home Blessing Magick

Written by Cyann

A home blessing meditation for charging a room:

Sit Straight with palms on lap, take deep breaths, relax, and move into a mental space where you activate your intuitive senses.

Imagine a cord of energy from your spine connecting you torepparttar Earth, and channel energy fromrepparttar 122105 Earth through it.

Silently ask for divine protection, guidance, and blessing.

Direct your psychic sensing outward, and feel lines of force coming out of your aura.

Note whererepparttar 122106 strongest energy is (check outrepparttar 122107 floor, ceiling, directions, etc.), Note spots that feel empty or dead, note places that feel full alive, focus on where you are sitting and how you feel at that particular spot.

Imagine a sphere of light and love energy at your heart, feel it pulsing outward with every breath.

Feelrepparttar 122108 radiance increase with every breath, feel your self as a star, continue to breathe deeply and send outrepparttar 122109 energy, letting it pulsate inrepparttar 122110 room.

When ready, start making power sounds representingrepparttar 122111 love and light you are channeling; use it to amplifyrepparttar 122112 light you are weaving; and fillrepparttar 122113 room withrepparttar 122114 energy.

Then shift focus to sending a probe out intorepparttar 122115 room. Noterepparttar 122116 differences inrepparttar 122117 quality of energy and how you feel about it.

Repeat if necessary.

When done, feelrepparttar 122118 completeness ofrepparttar 122119 work.

Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

I think most people who will read this will not accept what I am saying here without doing a lot of checking intorepparttar facts.

‘I tried sending through an attachment from a fellow researcher who is working onrepparttar 122104 Kaballah as derivative from Qaballa which is an ancient Verbal Tradition such as kept byrepparttar 122105 Bairds or bards andrepparttar 122106 Bardic Tradition for over 25,000 years. He finds my history is supportive and I see his sets of codes in English and other things of great value. The particular piece is 19 pages on justrepparttar 122107 letter 'E' without getting too verbose or using illustrations, which he has lots of. The Gematria is not a specialty of mine although I am pretty good at pre-history languages and not bad at Green Languages and alchemical allegories inrepparttar 122108 Jung from Silberer subset derived from alchemy or Hermetics. That has usages in psychotherapy and mind control which they call Neuro Psycho Linguistics and other words and systems they often do not understand; it once was called Dream Analysis but they have gone far alongrepparttar 122109 path of programmingrepparttar 122110 mind. Kind of funny how psychiatrists say they do not believe in a soul and yet they use these archetypes from our collective soul.

So as Dion Fortune did say - Kaballah is 'twisted'. They have built these constructs or dimensional energy designs so that Masons and other 'traveling men' as you call them will think they have stumbled upon a great truth through their 'visions'. After all who can imagine that elementals and dimensional energies are subject to such design engineering - eh? As Jung says in his forward to The Tibetan Book ofrepparttar 122111 Dead -repparttar 122112 Hindu will see Shiva and that hierarchy whereasrepparttar 122113 Christian will go throughrepparttar 122114 Bardol stages of Afterlife and seerepparttar 122115 likes of Gabriel then Jesus.’

Here is a correspondence fromrepparttar 122116 fellow researcher mentioned above. His name is Dennis Fetcho or The Fetch.

“No I haven’t seen any of your recent stuff. Been travelling a lot these past few months. Spent a month inrepparttar 122117 hospital in Montreal from an attack in December that left me unable to move for a few weeks due torepparttar 122118 multiple fractures suffered. Some of my advisors calledrepparttar 122119 attack a military style hit withrepparttar 122120 intent to kill. Missed hitting my head onrepparttar 122121 streets, butrepparttar 122122 rest ofrepparttar 122123 body took a licking!

Yeah. Had drinks with one of Jordan’s top masons while in Amman and he was so impressed that he wanted to confer an honorary degree on me... as he said, "If only it were in my power". I have many ideas in mind and one is to infiltrate Masonry and fuse it with "right thinking" based on my Isisian Code System which I know would be very accepted in such an environment.

It is easy to destroy a paradigm through decay within. I think it is a favored "Jehovian strategy!"… lol”

"The members ofrepparttar 122124 secret F.O.G.C. {fromrepparttar 122125 words of a top Rosicrucian friend this meansrepparttar 122126 Freemasonic Order ofrepparttar 122127 Golden Centurion.} Lodge, greatly feared in occult circles, had gathered for a general meeting in Dresden. The Meeting hall was in a large villa, hidden inrepparttar 122128 midst of a private park behind a tall hedge and large trees. The Grand Master ofrepparttar 122129 lodge had invited ninety-eight ofrepparttar 122130 ninety-nine members to attend. Long beforerepparttar 122131 meeting commenced,repparttar 122132 members had taken their places at two long tables.

All conversation inrepparttar 122133 hall became muted whenrepparttar 122134 Grand Master entered accompanied by his second-in-command, who acted as Secretary. There was a platform oppositerepparttar 122135 hall's entrance whererepparttar 122136 Grand Master sat down behind a desk. He rang a bell and at once there was complete silence. He addressedrepparttar 122137 brethren ofrepparttar 122138 lodge in an intense penetrating voice:

‘My dear brothers, I hereby open today's meeting and I am pleased that you have accepted my invitation. As you know, according torepparttar 122139 laws ofrepparttar 122140 lodge a general meeting such as this is only declared in very special cases. You may have already noticed that Brother Silesius is not present. Unfortunately, he has been found guilty of betraying lodge secrets and, as Point Number One ofrepparttar 122141 agenda, we will discuss his sentence. Point Number Two concerns Frabatorepparttar 122142 Magician, who is becoming so well-known here in Dresden.

‘My dear brothers, you all know that Brother Silesius has reachedrepparttar 122143 twenty-fifth degree of initiation in our lodge, and therefore must have been fully aware of his offences. His excessive zeal seduced him to reveal to one of his friendsrepparttar 122144 rituals we use to invokerepparttar 122145 elemental beings. According torepparttar 122146 laws of our lodge,repparttar 122147 breaking of an oath andrepparttar 122148 disclosure of secrets are punishable by death...

Althoughrepparttar 122149 verdict had deeply shakenrepparttar 122150 Grand Master, he quickly regained his composure and continued in a calmer voice.

‘Since Point Number One ofrepparttar 122151 agenda has been settled, let us now deal withrepparttar 122152 case of Frabato. Some ofrepparttar 122153 brethren present attended his performances and were able to convince themselves of his abilities at close range. It has been proven that he works withoutrepparttar 122154 aid of conventional tricks. His experiments succeeded beyond all expectation; yes, they were even better than what many of our own brethren would be able to accomplish. Hermes, one of our more versatile brothers, paid a visit to Frabato in order to test him. He will now tell you of his experience.

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