Home Based Business on the Internet

Written by Colin Thomson

The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing and if you have a lazy attitude about you, then you will be lazy. If you mope around, then you will achieve nothing. If onrepparttar other hand you are upbeat and cheerful, then you will generally have a good day and achieve quite a lot. If you dress smartly, people will treat you better than if you are dressed scruffily.

I found years ago that in home based business you need to put as much effort into your appearance and your attitude, if not more, as you did when working in secular employment. I had to learn to improve my telephone manner, my enthusiasm onrepparttar 148066 phone, by looking at myself in a mirror while speaking and realise why I couldn't sell anything!!

With a home based business, if you dress casually, but smart, comb your hair, brush your teeth after breakfast, you will feel professional and this will come across in your phone manner and indeed in how you write emails and letters too.

Working from home should be an exciting opportunity, it should be something you can do with pride. I have generally always worked fairly hard and conscientiously and wantedrepparttar 148067 rewards for my efforts to be granted to me.

Does Affiliate Marketing really pay?

Written by Stephen Brennan

I have been asked this question on a number of occasions and it’s no surprise to me thatrepparttar general consensus would be a loud “NO”, given that we are told that approximately 95% of Affiliates never make any money. Butrepparttar 148050 answer is "YES". Why?……… So many people go into Affiliate marketing inrepparttar 148051 same manner – ‘Hell for leather’ – without stopping to think that they may need to do a little planning, give a little thought to how they are going to go about it and in doing so, give themselves a reasonable chance of success.

Some who already have a website, regardless of what it may be about, can tend to go madly signing up for numerous Affiliate programs or joining one or more ofrepparttar 148052 larger Networks and plastering their website with banners, images and text with no thought as to whetherrepparttar 148053 products they are trying to ‘flog’ actually have anything to do withrepparttar 148054 theme of their website. I have actually seen a website about ‘teenage pregnancy’ with an Affiliate coded banner for Viagra! I’m sorry, but is it me, or is that ridiculous?

Others will get themselves a domain name and a hosting deal and go merrily about creating a website literally ‘packed’ with all manner of products. Sometimes so many that they have to be catalogued and listed under their completely unrelated headings. Some of these website are extremely well designed and put together, but where’srepparttar 148055 content, where’srepparttar 148056 reason for people to visit? You can also forget about targeted traffic from Search Engines. You’ll never get a Search Engine listing of any consequence without content and some kind of form and theme to your website.

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