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Simplify Your Marketing Research

Written by Shaun McIntosh

I was surfingrepparttar net, hunting for new forum activity, when I came across a small forum site. It wasn't anything to write home about. There weren't too many postings in any ofrepparttar 117073 discussion lists. Except forrepparttar 117074 Business opportunity section. That made me laugh.

The most that one had was 7 postings. And yetrepparttar 117075 Business opportunity section had 50 postings. Probably more by now. So many people trying to market stuff in a forum that almost no one is monitoring.

Out of curiosity I clicked onrepparttar 117076 business opportunity link. I was scanningrepparttar 117077 links and one stood out to me. In amongstrepparttar 117078 offers and get rich quick schemes, there was actually someone asking for advice!

My curiosity was piqued! I clicked onrepparttar 117079 link to see who this was. This is what he posted inrepparttar 117080 thread:

"Hi. I'm new torepparttar 117081 internet and am looking for a good business opportunity. Does anyone have any advice."

Suprisingly, after a month of being listed inrepparttar 117082 business opportunity section, he had only gotten one reply.

Actually, I suppose it's not that wierd if you think about it. Many people are willing to peddle their wares to forums but not too many are willing to become an active participant.

One person responded with a short and simple message telling him to go torepparttar 117083 website of some MLM program. Some MLM program that he was probably a member of.

Not that I'm against MLM programs, mind you. Some people swear by them. I don't, but some people do. (If you don't know what MLM is, just do a quick search on google for it. You'll find out right quick.)

Anyway, I just had to reply. Maybe it was because this kid reminded me of me when I first got involved in internet marketing. Maybe it was because I hate seeing another human being lead like a lemming down a path where 95% of them wind up falling off of a cliff.

Anyway, I finished typing my reply and sat back and looked at it. I realized that this wasrepparttar 117084 kind of information I wish I had before I got started in internet marketing.

So with that being said I have posted my response to his query below.

Enjoy, Shaun



I just saw your posting onrepparttar 117085 forum.

My name is Shaun and my handle inrepparttar 117086 forum is FoeHammer. Feel free to look up my profile.

If you are looking for a good business opportunity I'd actually suggest staying away from what looks too good (at least to start). And I'd definitely suggest you stay away from anyone who would just throw outrepparttar 117087 name of an "opportunity" without giving you one scrap of advice or direction afterwrads.

The worst thing a marketer can do is push what "looks good". You need to do a little marketing research first. And it's not that difficult to do. I know of a program that can get you off to a great start. (Bear with me. I can go on when I get on a role).

Follow this URL: http://our.affiliatetracking.net/wordtracker/a/9593

This will take you to a site called Word Tracker. This is an awesome utility for marketing research. It is essentially a huge database with every search that has been done withinrepparttar 117088 last 60 days on every major search engine by anyone who usesrepparttar 117089 internet. That means that you can enter any term and see exactly how many people onrepparttar 117090 internet are intrested in it by how many searches they did for that and similar keywords.

I would suggest a topic that you are personally interested in.

Let's face it, if you like golf then you are probably notrepparttar 117091 only one who likes golf. (Well, maybe you are. I've heard it said that men never really play golf. They just use it as an excuse to leaverepparttar 117092 house and swear. ;) Anyway, just market to people like you.

So, first compile a list ofrepparttar 117093 most searched for terms in their database. I personally would discard any word with a count of less than 500 searches. But use your own judgement. (P.S. They also have a weekly newsletter withrepparttar 117094 top searches done onrepparttar 117095 net in that week. They offer this service to people who subscribe to their wordtracker service.)

Next you run what they call a KEI analasys. (Don't worry, they have manuals for this kind of thing too.) You don't have to do anything, they'll do it for you.

Basicaly they score every keyword on a scale from 1-400+ based on a) How many searches are done for that keyword and b) how many other businesses are competing for that keyword.

This is howrepparttar 117096 keywords are scored.

1-10 is a terrible keyword. Just throw those out immediately. 10-100 is a decent keyword. You have a fair shot at having your web page seen in a web search. But so do all of your competitors. 100-400 is an EXCELLENT keyword. Jump on these. And anything 400+ is just a gift. If you land any of these (and I'm sure you will) YOU will be just aboutrepparttar 117097 only person who a surfer will see when they use that particular keyword. Does that sound valuable?

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