Home Automation - Save Money & Enhance Your Lifestyle - Some Exciting Applications

Written by Steve Faber

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your home take care of things for you, automatically, without you having to lift a finger? You bet it would. That isrepparttar promise of home automation. There are many different systems, especially in larger homes, that can benefit from being integrated. Some of these systems include security alarm, HVAC, audio / video, and lighting. Home automation integrates these systems together, enabling them to function more efficiently, improve functionality, conserve resources and enhance your lifestyle.

That’srepparttar 150255 name ofrepparttar 150256 game; an enhanced lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from a better life and modern electronic systems can help provide it. In addition, asrepparttar 150257 cost of resources continues to rise andrepparttar 150258 price of electronics continues to fall, home automation systems will prove to be even more cost effective. The combination ofrepparttar 150259 modern consumer’s thirst for convenience and increasing economic advantages will propel home automation more intorepparttar 150260 mainstream.

So, what are some ofrepparttar 150261 fun things a home automation system can do for you? Here are some common applications:

1) As you pull uprepparttar 150262 driveway you press a button on your key-fob remote. The security system disarms and a path is lit fromrepparttar 150263 garage torepparttar 150264 kitchen. Your favorite music comes on inrepparttar 150265 kitchen and family room. Five minutes after you arrive homerepparttar 150266 lights in your mudroom and garage hall turn off.

2) As you leave, you armrepparttar 150267 security system into away mode using your key-fob remote. Your lights turn off throughoutrepparttar 150268 house, saving you from going around turning off different lights throughoutrepparttar 150269 home. Your blinds close. Your music turns off. If you have forced-air heat, it is set back. All from one button press.

3) Set whole house scenes for different events to include lighting, music, HVAC, and security. Example: A) An entertainment scene would haverepparttar 150270 lights set torepparttar 150271 “entertain” preset,repparttar 150272 security system off,repparttar 150273 music torepparttar 150274 appropriate party play list, andrepparttar 150275 HVAC set-back a few degrees to compensate forrepparttar 150276 added body heat fromrepparttar 150277 additional people inrepparttar 150278 house. B) The “Holiday” scene could run concurrently with other scenes and turnrepparttar 150279 Christmas lights on and playrepparttar 150280 Holiday music play list throughrepparttar 150281 outside speakers.

Plasma TV vs LCD TV

Written by ian tham

For those seeking to buy their first flat panel  TV display device, it is easy to be confused with conflicting and counter claims by different interest parties. So what isrepparttar truth inrepparttar 150175 competition between LCD and Plasma TV? Here's are some pointers before you rush out and buy your flat panel TV on impulse . Just consider and keep them in mind when choosing.


Actually, both types of technologies have their pros and cons. Let's start with various factors.


Picture Quality

Plasma TVs have better contrast ratios and show better blacks than an LCD TV. That means in a dark scene, you are able to see images more clearly defined. This is because in LCD technology, liquid crystals are unable to shut off allrepparttar 150176 light completely due torepparttar 150177 presence ofrepparttar 150178 backlight resulting in light leakage and therefore it is impossible to get absolute black.

I understand plasma TVs are able to produce  better color saturation than LCD TVs. Generally,repparttar 150179 native resolution of LCD TVs are higher than that of plasma TVs so you may get greater details when watching your  programs especially in high definition video sources. 


Screen Size

If you looking for a really big screen, then you have to go for plasma TV as they are available in sizes up to 60 inches. LCD TV onrepparttar 150180 hand come in maximum sizes of up to 40 inches. If you compare prices on both technologies forrepparttar 150181 same screen size, you will also realise LCD TVs are more expensive.


Life span

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