Home-Based Business Safety and Security Issues

Written by Vishal P. Rao

Anyone that operates a business from home knows that home-based business security issues often come up. This is just part and parcel of running any home-based business.

Realistically, in order to be successful at a home-based business, a business owner needs to release their address and phone number to potential clients or buyers eventually. Even if this is not done, it is rather easy for potential clients and buyers to research and discoverrepparttar phone number and location of a home-based business.

Therefore, it can be harrowing at times, for home-based business owners inrepparttar 116820 issues of safety and security, especially if their home-based business is indeed, in their home, exposing their family members to security and safety issues and risks, as well as themselves.

This is not to say that undue measures should be taken, or that undue fear should pervade. A home-based business is really at no more risk of crimes against person or property than a personal residence or any other type of business.

Pre-cautionary measures should however, within normal guidelines be employed, to prevent any untoward occurrences duringrepparttar 116821 course of a business day and after office hours. These measures can include, but should not be limited torepparttar 116822 following:

1. The locking of doors and windows as is convenient andrepparttar 116823 implementation of safety and security devices, even whenrepparttar 116824 building is occupied. Many home-based business owners don't feel that they may legitimately keeprepparttar 116825 doors and windows "locked", as they may feel that this will inconvenience their clients. This is not true, as any visit to a corporate building will soon prove.

Whenever visitors enter a corporate structure, they are usually scrutinized well by cameras, security personnel and other safety and security methods. As a home-based business owner, you do have every right to employ locked doors and windows, and even implement security cameras and other devices. It is your right under law, and clients, overall, will understand this.

2. The use of structural security measures, such as deadbolts, dogs, fencing, and one-way viewing glass inserted into doors. Measures such as these are used routinely by homeowners and a business within a home does not rule outrepparttar 116826 use of these deterrents.

3. The use of a separate phone line for business needs. This is only a small added expense per month, but when clients call, no one in a home-based business person's "family" will inadvertently answer, thus lending torepparttar 116827 belief thatrepparttar 116828 business is not attached to a personal residence in any way.

Today's Entrepreneur - Promoting Your Business

Written by ReGina Crawford-Martin

Todayís Entrepreneur By ReGina Crawford-Martin President of G Styl Productions Incorporated, Cleveland, OH Independent Writer Promoting Your Business Your business is registered,repparttar business cards and letterhead are printed, you purchased office equipment, and rented a storefront to set up your office. Why donít you have any clients/customers? Other than close family and friends and your landlord, who else knows youíre in business? Now itís time to promote your business, and here are some ways to accomplish your goal of gaining clients/customers. One: Networking Groups and Events. There are tons of networking groups all overrepparttar 116819 globe, and these groups have events where its members can meet face-to-face. Most of these groups are free to join, or have a minimal fee. The key to successful networking is to make sure you join a group that will allow you to meet potential clients/customers forrepparttar 116820 products/services you offer. You donít want to join a group whose primary interest is cooking, when your business is computer repair. Also, you donít want to join a group whose primary objective is to leaverepparttar 116821 business world behind, and strictly socialize. Before joining a networking group or attending an event, make sure you knowrepparttar 116822 mission and purpose ofrepparttar 116823 group and/orrepparttar 116824 event. When attending a networking group that meets your needs, be sure to have plenty of business cards on-hand to distribute torepparttar 116825 other attendees. Nothing says unprofessional as an entrepreneur looking for business, who needs to write down his/her information on a cocktail napkin. Also, pre-script and practice a thirty (30) second commercial about yourself, your business, products/services you offer, and products/services that you need. Be sure to keep it to thirty seconds, especially if there are a lot of attendees. Donít give to many personal details about yourself, and donít recite your complete business plan torepparttar 116826 group. It is extremely important that you presentrepparttar 116827 have/need scenario at these events, so thatrepparttar 116828 attendees know that you plan to utilize their products/services as well as offer your own products/services.

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