Holy Grail Discovery

Written by Paul

Secret ofrepparttar Holy Grail Finally Discovered In a groundbreaking new work two researchers have finally uncoveredrepparttar 147235 secrets that have eludedrepparttar 147236 world for centuries. “You have set my mind buzzing with ideas to explore based on your findings….. You haverepparttar 147237 greatest story ever told…. Please keep in touch – your work is so exciting.” Dominic O’Brien (Mind expert and world memory champion) “I finished reading it on Saturday - Great! You will leave people wondering and wowed! You have done an absolutely superb job leaving no STONE unturned in supplying your proof - fabulous!”, Kathryn Pattern, journalist, New York. “This must be told torepparttar 147238 world. Its simplyrepparttar 147239 most amazing story ever told.” Donna Bowyer, Bang Short Film Festival. In a profound and provocative work of scholarly detection, best-selling author Philip Gardiner will shakerepparttar 147240 foundations of modern belief by at last revealingrepparttar 147241 true origins of The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone. Shrouded in mystery, these highly enigmatic symbols have long been revered and The Serpent Grail proves, without doubt, that all three are inextricably linked, originating fromrepparttar 147242 same ancient source. Gardiner has finally unravelledrepparttar 147243 mysterious and ancient realm ofrepparttar 147244 Grail by revealing a stark and incredible secret – thatrepparttar 147245 Elixir of Life was mixed within a bowl, which became known asrepparttar 147246 Holy Grail. This Elixir was a mixture of snake venom and blood. For many of us, these three mysterious objects derive from Arthurian legend, orrepparttar 147247 curious work ofrepparttar 147248 medieval alchemists, but this book reveals that they date back from a much earlier period – fromrepparttar 147249 dawn of human history itself. Basing his findings on a wealth of detailed research and his own unique marketing and propaganda based background, Gardiner’s own quest has been something of an adventure and his book presents plausible and fascinating new evidence aboutrepparttar 147250 foundations of religious belief and how overrepparttar 147251 centuries information has been deliberately and systematically distorted. In an argument with enormous implications, Gardiner identifies key facts which link all three symbols torepparttar 147252 same ancient cult – a cult, which believed thatrepparttar 147253 mythical serpent was, a ‘beneficent life force’ and its physical counterpart,repparttar 147254 snake, an irreverent provider ofrepparttar 147255 ‘elixir of life’. In The Serpent Grail Gardiner proves that modern science and ancient wisdom can and have come together to finally prove that snake venom and blood was used thousands of years ago asrepparttar 147256 Elixir of Life and was brought together inrepparttar 147257 arcane “mixing bowl” which became known asrepparttar 147258 Holy Grail.

Jewelry Cleaning - The Cheap and Easy Way

Written by Ricky Alberta

There is no need to waste money on fancy jewelry cleaning solutions. You can save money by cleaning your jewelry at home using things you'll find in any kitchen or bathroom.

Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Use a soft bristle toothbrush with mild soap and warm water to restorerepparttar shine and brilliance of silver jewelry. Avoid immersing your sterling silver jewelry into jewelry cleaning dips, they should be cleaned by hand. Use a soft cloth to buff your silver jewelry for a nice, clean shine.

Cleaning Your Diamond Rings & Jewelry

Use a solution of six parts water and one part ammonia. Use a soft bristle toothbrush or toothpick to remove any dirt or particles from any crevices. Rinse well in water and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Gold, Platinum and other Gemstone Jewelry

Use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid, like Ivory. Soak jewelry in this solution for a few minutes, then lightly brush away any dirt with a soft brush. Rinse with lukewarm water and air dry or buff with a soft cloth. Be sure not to soak any soft stones like turquoise, amber or lapis, as soaking can damage their polish. For particularly dirty gold jewelry, soak in alcohol or ammonia before cleaning.

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