Hollander Consultants Reveals Final Website

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Marketing Site for New Patients Unveiled as Last in Series

Portland, OR: Hollander Consultants has just revealed “Getting New Patients and Customers” asrepparttar last in a series of five websites that have been launched overrepparttar 148915 past month and a half. Located at http://www.gettingnewpatients.com,repparttar 148916 new website culminates a marketing plan designed at broadeningrepparttar 148917 reach of Hollander Consultants on an international level.

“This has been a very exciting couple of months in terms of implementing our strategy to broaden our marketing efforts onrepparttar 148918 Internet. This final phase complementsrepparttar 148919 other new websites we’ve created. Each website was designed to provide information on particular subjects for our clients, future clients, media and other interested individuals. It helps broadenrepparttar 148920 viewing scope ofrepparttar 148921 services Hollander Consultants provides,” said Matthew Bratschi, director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants.

The five new websites coverrepparttar 148922 following areas: media, marketing, client success, a practice management blog, and consulting advice. The individual websites are http://www.hollander-clients-success.com, http://www.hollanderpressroom.com, http://www.practicemanagementblog.com, http://www.askhollander.com, andrepparttar 148923 newest website, http://www.gettingnewpatients.com.

Internet Scams 105 -- The Most Vicious Scam of All

Written by Janette Blackwell

Not all e-mail scams are vicious. Some are kind of old-shoe, and a person would feel fond of them, except they are still cheating people out of their life savings. I recently got this classic:

“I am George Mudashiru, a close friend and personal assistance to Abba Sani Abacharepparttar son ofrepparttar 148914 former Nigerian military ruler Sani Abacha. I got your contact throught a directory of prominent members inrepparttar 148915 world so I decided to contact you through mail on regarding this proposal.

“As a close associate to Abba, he gave me a large sum of money which he said to help him transfer abroad and be deposited in my name in a security company. . . .” And good old George would like to deposit $10 million in my bank account if only he had its number. A great classic, which is to scams what a Duncan Phyfe table is to furniture. I didn’t give good old George my bank account number, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.


Now forrepparttar 148916 worst one. It started off on an alarmingly high note. (Or maybe I ignoredrepparttar 148917 e-mails they sent for starters -- because I’m on three e-mail sucker lists I get daily news, in triplicate, aboutrepparttar 148918 terrible things supposedly happening to my PayPal, eBay, and bank accounts.)

This one started out: “We recently have determined that different computers have logged 1nto (sic) your PayPal account, and multiple password failures were present beforerepparttar 148919 login. One of our Customer Service employees has already tryed (sic) to telephonically reach you. As our employee did not manage to reach you, this email has been sent to your notice.

“Therefore your account has been temporary suspended. We need you to confirm your identity in order to regain full privileges of your account.

“To confirm your identity please followrepparttar 148920 link below:” (the link looked like a PayPal link but I am sure was not).

Well. They suspended my account. We’re playing inrepparttar 148921 big leagues now.

I do have a PayPal account, though not at that particular e-mail address. And if I hadn’t received so many scam e-mails, this would have led me to go torepparttar 148922 REAL PayPal website and ask if they sent that e-mail. Instead I hung tight.

And gotrepparttar 148923 doozy. It hadrepparttar 148924 official PayPal logo and format. Onrepparttar 148925 right-hand side ofrepparttar 148926 page it said:

“Protect Your Account Info. Make sure you never provide your password to fraudulent websites. To safely and securely accessrepparttar 148927 PayPal website or your account, open a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type inrepparttar 148928 PayPal login page (http://paypal.com/) to be sure you are onrepparttar 148929 real PayPal site. PayPal will never ask you to enter your password in an email.”

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