Hollander Consultants Launches Press Room Website

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Hollander Consultants Launches Press Room Website

Hollander Consultants Press Releases Archived

Portland, OR Hollander Consultants has started a new phase of outreach by launching a new website to archive press releases aboutrepparttar company. The website, http://www.hollanderpressroom.com, chronicles all press releases from October 2004 torepparttar 139727 present.

I really enjoyrepparttar 139728 very simple layout ofrepparttar 139729 website. It has no bells or whistles, no Flash, no Java, no animation at all. It is strictly a repository of easily accessible information. Inrepparttar 139730 future I plan to add a section of photographs and video files but for nowrepparttar 139731 press releases paint a very decent picture ofrepparttar 139732 progress of Hollander Consultants over time. You get a nice feel forrepparttar 139733 care Hollander Consultants has for its staff and clientele, said Matthew Bratschi, director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants.

Plans are currently being enacted to create websites that highlight various aspects of Hollander Consultants. These websites will be launched in coming weeks.

15 Easy Ways to Grow Your Subscriber List

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

While there are seemingly endless ways to promote your e-zine and attract new subscribers, here's a list of my favorite 15. Which ones are YOU using?

Print this out and check those you already do, and note those you should "get a move on."

___ 1. Tell your clients, associates, and friends. Send out one of your best issues (or your first issue) as a sample issue, inviting them to sign up if they like it. (Never sign anyone up without his/her permission.)

___ 2. Put a signup form on your home page and every page of your Web site. No matter what page people may land on, this way they'll know about your amazing e-zine. Don't let them click away and lose them forever!

___ 3. Use a pop-up or pop-under box on your site. Yes, they're irritating if abused, but I can tell you they work. Studies show pop-ups/unders can increase your e-zine signups by up to 10 times! Give it a try and test it. (You can see my pop-under here.)

___ 4. Offer a free goodie for new subscribers. We all get so much e-mail these days, that you have to work hard to get anyone's e-mail address. Offer new subscribers a valuable free article, report, resource list, e-book, etc.

___ 5. Offer a free sample issue on your Web site or have one available by e-mail autoresponder. Some people won't sign up for anything until they can see it first.

___ 6. List your e-zine in free e-zine directories. There are hundreds of these onrepparttar Web where people visit to search for e-zines on particular topics. Make sure you're here so you can be found! (One ofrepparttar 139705 best is Charlie Page's Directory of E-zines.)

___ 7. Swap ads with other e-zines. Search online e-zine directories for other e-zines whose target readership matches yours, and contact their publishers. Swap at least three ads in a row for best results.

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