Hollander Consultants Gears Up For Largest Symposium in Three Years

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Hollander Consultants Gears Up For Largest Symposium in Three Years Over 350 People Expected in Florida

Portland, OR: Hollander Consultants Florida Symposium is poised to break attendance records overrepparttar last three years of Hollander symposia. The Hollander Consultants Florida Symposium will be held atrepparttar 119454 Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach from March 17 to March 19.

Eric Korb, Hollander Consultants’ vice-president for client services, said, “Our symposia are absolutely vital aspects of our entire consulting program. Clients who attend find marked changes in their practices and businesses that result in increased staff efficiency and revenue. Our clients’ staff always come together as a team due torepparttar 119455 group training and interaction.”

Hollander Consultants has been holding symposia for its clients for more than 18 years in Florida and Portland, Oregon. Regular delivery to clients includes one-on-one consulting in person and via phone, a myriad of management training courses and workshops delivered both at Hollander Consultants facilities and in clients’ offices, implementing Hollander’s copyrighted Job Description and Office Policy Manual, personalized Financial Plans as well asrepparttar 119456 biannual symposia.

Communicate and Prosper

Written by Helen Wilkie

How much has poor communication cost your company inrepparttar past twelve months? Chances are, you have no idea. Chances are even better it's a lot more than you can afford.

But you won’t findrepparttar 119453 numbers inrepparttar 119454 financial statements or year-end departmental reports. Nothing shows up saying "lost productivity due to miserable meetings" or "missed business opportunities through sorry selling skills" or "employee quit because there's no communication around here."

Why? Because most people aren't sure what communication really is.

Consider this: When companies conduct internal needs assessments, communication virtually always surfaces nearrepparttar 119455 top ofrepparttar 119456 list. But if you ask ten people who put it onrepparttar 119457 list exactly what they meant, you’ll get ten different answers. People often can’t pinpointrepparttar 119458 problem—they just have a vague feeling communication isn’t happening. Unfortunately, this vagueness relegates communication torepparttar 119459 bottom ofrepparttar 119460 action list.

Truth is, communication isn't some warm and fuzzy "nice to have"— it is nothing less thanrepparttar 119461 lifeblood of your organization. If blood doesn’t circulate at justrepparttar 119462 right pressure and speed to all parts and extremities ofrepparttar 119463 human body, that body sickens and eventually dies. So, too, does an organization where communication doesn't flow freely.

Communication isn’t limited to vision and mission statements fromrepparttar 119464 top; it’s not just news releases publicizing financial results or new product announcements; it’s not just internal or client newsletters, annual reports or videotaped messages torepparttar 119465 troops. These are all important, but they form just a fraction ofrepparttar 119466 communication—and miscommunication—that takes place every day inrepparttar 119467 workplace.

What I call applied communication is written, spoken and non-verbal interaction among people in order to get things done. It takes co-operation to create a product. It takes collaboration to approach a new market. It takes teamwork to implement a strategy. It takes this applied communication to oil and runrepparttar 119468 machinery of business. And if that machinery breaks down—as it often does—a great deal of money is lost. It's in this area, applied communication, that we need to look forrepparttar 119469 financial drain.

Loss of time

What does your time costrepparttar 119470 company for each hour you are at work? A good rule of thumb in calculating hourly cost is: annual salary divided by 2000 (based on 50 40-hour weeks). When you know this figure for your own time as well as that of your staff, you can begin to calculaterepparttar 119471 cost of applied communication at work.

Meetings Regardless of its purpose, a meeting is an exercise in applied communication: you speak, you listen, you interact. I’ve never met anyone in business who has not complained about meetings: too many, too long, too boring. I would add to that: too expensive.

Consider meetings that are supposed to last an hour but somehow expand to use up most ofrepparttar 119472 afternoon. Calculaterepparttar 119473 hourly cost of total participant time and multiply byrepparttar 119474 length ofrepparttar 119475 meeting—and keep in mind thatrepparttar 119476 higher levelrepparttar 119477 participantsrepparttar 119478 more expensiverepparttar 119479 time. The result may not sound too alarming, until you consider how many of those meetings take place in your organization every day, every week, every year. Dorepparttar 119480 arithmetic.

Correspondence Letters, reports, memos, and nowrepparttar 119481 ubiquitous e-mail—written communication is an integral part of doing business. Unfortunately, statistics show that corporate employees spend altogether too much time writing it, and badly at that, so that those onrepparttar 119482 receiving end spend too much time reading it!

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