Hollander Consultants Continues Expansion into Cyberspace

Written by Matthew Bratschi

“Ask Hollander Consultants” Is Third New Website in Series

Portland, OR – Hollander Consultants continues its outreach intorepparttar information exchange of cyberspace by starting http://www.askhollander.com, a website designed to provide practice management advice for healthcare practices. The site offers practice owners a forum to ask questions concerning practice management issues and get advice from Hollander Consultants’ over 22 years of experience in providing practice management results.

“The staff of Hollander Consultants has decades of experience in nearly every aspect of practice management. The new website, http://www.askhollander.com, will be a basic question and answer locale for individuals that need help in resolving issues in their practices,” said Matthew Bratschi, director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants.

In addition to its flagship websites, http://www.hollanderconsultants.com and http://www.solutionsmags.com, Hollander Consultants is creating a diverse presence onrepparttar 141683 World Wide Web with two additional websites, http://www.hollanderpressroom.com and http://www.practicemanagementblog.com.

Six techniques to triple your website hits

Written by Steve Morey

Copyright 2005 Private Mail Services

Welcome, Overrepparttar past five years I have learnt many tricks to gain visitors. Many are great and some are negative, even getting me excluded from major search engines. For your benefit I have comprised a list of six free, easy and simple ways that may double or even triple your visitor count within Three Months.

1: Get listed in free directories:

Dmoz.com (Open Directory Project) is one ofrepparttar 141588 top places to get listed, if you get your site listed. Up to 20 other websites copy their directory, you now haverepparttar 141589 opportunity to have your link on many more websites.

2: Find out your competitors link popularity:

Do a simple search on google and find out who your competitors are. Then go to linkpopularity.com and try to get your website included on many ofrepparttar 141590 sites you find.

3: Find quality and reliable links:

I have found that less than 1/10th of my visitors come from search engines. Quality links arerepparttar 141591 key; websites with a large volume of customers are often your best ally. Related websites to your own site is generally best, this is often said for a better search engine ranking, but I advise related sites purely for a targeted audience.

4: Find out where your competitors visitors go:

Alexa.com is a brilliant website, when you find your major competitors you can search their domain on Alexa.com. You can find out a lot of information about their visitors, where they come from, how many visit and best of all what other sites they visit that are related to your competitors.

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