Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Massage Therapy Training Institute

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Looking for an alternative and quality education program? Holistic Junction is delighted to present Massage Therapy Training Institute asrepparttar featured school ofrepparttar 139489 week.

The Massage Therapy Training Institute exemplifies its high standards of educational commitment by providing a comprehensive curriculum and professional instructors that incorporaterepparttar 139490 philosophy and strong belief inrepparttar 139491 healing power of touch. Their mission is to '...provide focused and efficient career-oriented training inrepparttar 139492 natural healing arts; and to launch our graduates into successful, fulfilling careers while helping them to achieve lifetime health, wellness and well-being for themselves, their families, and their community....'

Located inrepparttar 139493 Show-Me state, in Kansas City, Missouri,repparttar 139494 Massage Therapy Training Institute is approved byrepparttar 139495 ABHES, IMSTAC,repparttar 139496 Missouri Dept. of Higher Education andrepparttar 139497 Kansas Board of Regents,repparttar 139498 National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; and member ofrepparttar 139499 Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals, as well asrepparttar 139500 Better Business Bureau.

The Massage Therapy Training Institute offers a 600-hour Massage Therapy program which includesrepparttar 139501 following comprehensive courses:

The Massage Therapy Training Institute also offers two more educational opportunities: 300-hour Wellness Consultant & 350-hour Energy Healing Programs.

Blindfold Activities in the TEFL classroom

Written by William Sullivan

One method of creating a genuine information gap is throughrepparttar use of blindfold activities. Blindfolds can be employed in a variety of ways inrepparttar 139241 TEFL/foreign language classroom to foster a truly communicative and student-centered approach to learning. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

This first activity is a great way of reinforcingrepparttar 139242 language of giving directions. After having one student to leaverepparttar 139243 classroom,repparttar 139244 teacher instructsrepparttar 139245 remaining students rearrange classroom furniture. The student who has leftrepparttar 139246 classroom is then blindfolded and brought back in. Students then userepparttar 139247 target language to leadrepparttar 139248 one blindfolded throughrepparttar 139249 maze of rearranged classroom desks and chairs to some goal—this could be a special treat, a piece of candy, a valuable item (that had previously been taken fromrepparttar 139250 student), or some other reward.

Another activity—and this one is played in groups of three—is called Artist, Model, Clay. As soon asrepparttar 139251 first student (the Clay) is blindfolded,repparttar 139252 second student (the Model) strikes a pose. The goal is forrepparttar 139253 remaining student (the Artist) to userepparttar 139254 target language, describingrepparttar 139255 pose torepparttar 139256 blindfolded student. Ideally, byrepparttar 139257 end ofrepparttar 139258 activityrepparttar 139259 blindfolded student should be positioned similar torepparttar 139260 pose originally struck byrepparttar 139261 Model. It is excellent for practicing imperatives (“Put you right leg out a bit more!” or “Bend your knee slightly!”) or for reinforcing parts ofrepparttar 139262 body.

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