Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Center for Vital Living

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Recent High School Graduate? Seeking an extraordinary school in which to enroll? Holistic Junction is delighted to presentrepparttar Center for Vital Living asrepparttar 141635 featured school ofrepparttar 141636 week.

The Center for Vital Living hasrepparttar 141637 belief that '...every individual has an unlimited potential and a purpose in life. It is our responsibility to educate and create a fertile environment in which those latent potentials can be discovered, developed, and utilized, thus enriching one's life.....'

Located inrepparttar 141638 attractive, Hoozier state, in Fort Wayne, Indiana,repparttar 141639 Vital Center for Living is fully accredited byrepparttar 141640 Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education,repparttar 141641 Ohio Medical Board, and a member ofrepparttar 141642 AMTA Council of Schools.

The Center for Vital Living offers not only one, but three comprehensive Massage Therapy Programs:

  • 805 Hour Diploma Program
  • 859 Hour Advanced Diploma Program, and
  • 1,216 Hour Associate of Applied Science in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

As an incentive to attendrepparttar 141643 Center for Vital Living, they offerrepparttar 141644 convenience of two daytime schedules and one weekend/evening schedule as well. Their 805 hour diploma program is comprised of course with an orientation, standard business laws and ethics, medical terminolody (forrepparttar 141645 professional bodyworker), clinical pathology, basic anatomy and physiology, andrepparttar 141646 following curriculum:

Are headlines like this really the best that local news can do?

Written by Gianfranco Fracassi

Sometimes I really do think that local means yokel. This is never morerepparttar case then when it comes to local television news. Somehow it manages to get on our screens twice a day on both BBC1 and ITV, despite it being dull, unimaginative, and generally a waste of everyone’s time. Atrepparttar 141534 expense of sounding likerepparttar 141535 stereotypical, capital-centric Londoner, I’ll admit thatrepparttar 141536 first time I ever came in contact with local news was when I came to Oxford. At first I thought maybe I was just missingrepparttar 141537 familiar faces and format ofrepparttar 141538 local news I was used to at home, but it didn’t take too long for me to realise that what I was watching really was of embarrassingly poor quality. Of course we have local London news, butrepparttar 141539 crucial difference is that things actually happen in London. Similarly I’ve been reliably informed that local news in Northern Ireland doesn’t lack for drama • “Raid on local paramilitary group,” “Multi-million pound bank robbery” • it’s hard to argue that these headlines are anything other than eye-catching, and of course relevant torepparttar 141540 lives of people watching. Before you start writing angry letters about how happening life is inrepparttar 141541 Outer Hebrides, let me give some examples of recent news stories on our very own BBC South Today.

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