Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

It’srepparttar travel time, meaning hours spent sedentary. It prepares me forrepparttar 135841 visiting, when I know there’ll be no activity. I try to see it as winding down to catch up with where our lives have gone inrepparttar 135842 past 6 months. A semiannual sharing and reflection with family. An enchanted time when reality is lived through a rose tinted holidaze. Rules of day to day no longer apply as you surrender torepparttar 135843 hearts and minds of those closest. Conversation, food and wine are intoxicating. You can’t leaverepparttar 135844 tablerepparttar 135845 conversation is too good. The holiday food keeps coming. I fall back intorepparttar 135846 silken warmth of family stories and recollections of past years. I generally eat until I am sated but now… its quest for space, I must keep up, I can’t be that… “I don’t eat that wimp”. I can’t spoil this mood and bring everyone down to reality! Somehow I manage to find space for that piece of dark nutty chocolate beckoning me to come home to my pallette, where it would receive allrepparttar 135847 comfort love and warmth I need to express in this state of holiday bliss. I have now surrendered….. The conversation wonders back to a particular chocolate that sister in law is passionate about and as she unfolds its mysteries you must taste and discover. This is no time for excuses.


Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

This is a new addition torepparttar newsletter where I can take time to address in full detail questions which current clients confront while inrepparttar 135840 process of making real changes to their body, lifestyle and well being. TO DO OR NOT TO DO? … ABS TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO WRITING ARTICLE: Jeanne is a client I have worked with for a number of years, and through a couple of births with very quick recoveries. She is naturally tall and thin with wide hips and very flat abs. She has that perfect body for wearing couture as you can see from her Vogue magazine write up in October of 2003. She isrepparttar 135841 type that doesn’t want muscle showing at all, just long sleek ‘feminine’ lines. We have stepped up her workouts of late because she is getting stronger and we do need to keep uprepparttar 135842 challenge to maintain that high metabolic burn rate for caloric expenditure, without creating muscle definition. Jeanne doesn’t like doing cardio so that's not a solution. Recently when beginning our workout Jeanne stops, pulls up her t-shirt and shows me her abs. Iam very pleased with what I see, which isrepparttar 135843 definition of whererepparttar 135844 lower obliques end andrepparttar 135845 rectus abdominus (your quadrants, also known as ‘6 packs’) begin. There was strong deliniation indicatingrepparttar 135846 muscles beneath. Jeanne points to it and says " I don’t want this." In my shockrepparttar 135847 only thing I can think to say is "If there were a group of women in hear watching us, they’d all groan at you." Everyone is different and has different goals. So Jeanne now thinks that she should just not do abdominal exercises and asks "Why do I need to do them, my abs are finerepparttar 135848 way they are? Can you write about this in your next newsletter so I better understand why I need to do abs." I then launch into an explanation ofrepparttar 135849 importance of core work(abs). About how your abs stabilize you and help prevent injury by bracing and tightening. The brain sends a message torepparttar 135850 transverse abdominus (remember that girdle muscle we all spent time on, withrepparttar 135851 breathing exercises) before it tells any other muscle to move. For example,repparttar 135852 mind tellsrepparttar 135853 knee to lift but beforerepparttar 135854 quadricep muscles initiatesrepparttar 135855 lifting responserepparttar 135856 transverse abdominus recievesrepparttar 135857 message to react by tightening for balance, control and strength. So essentially you brace yourself from your abs and then you initiaterepparttar 135858 movement, braced and centered. Which is why I constantly repeat "pull your navel in and wrap it around your spine." The more this response is practiced,repparttar 135859 more proficient, balanced, coordinated, centered and strong you are plusrepparttar 135860 flatter your abs are.

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