Holiday in South Africa

Written by Dirk Wessels

I met a European couple (the guy fromrepparttar Netherlands andrepparttar 139327 girl from UK) in Australia a couple of years ago. They are now planning to come visit South Africa later this year and I thought it may be useful for European travellers to hear a South African’s opinion of a holiday in South Africa.

Firstly you need to understand that I’m an outdoor man. Although I live in a city, everything I do for pleasure will be to get away from city life. While in Australia, I read somewhere that “If you can’t get lucky in Darwin, you should stop trying”. So if you’re looking for big, busy cities to party, don’t follow my advice and if you want to get lucky, go to Darwin.

I believe anybody coming to visit South Africa should try to spend a couple of days in Knysna andrepparttar 139328 Drakensberg. Although there are many other places worth visiting, these two are my favourites.

Most international flights in South Africa arrive or depart in Johannesburg or Cape Town and I would recommend you arriving in Cape Town and departing from Jo’burg. For a bit of wine tasting, do a 1 or 2 day wine trip to Stellenbosch or something around Cape Town and then head off to Mossel Bay (personally I would spend 1-2 days in Hartenbos, just outside of Mossel Bay). Cape Town waters are pretty cold due torepparttar 139329 Atlantic ocean, so if you want to spend some time onrepparttar 139330 beach, don’t even bother before Mossel Bay. However, I would save my beach-time for Plettenberg bay and Jeffreys bay. Mossel Bay is around 400Kms from Cape Town. From Mossel Bay, I’d go straight to Knysna (+/- 120Kms), although there are a couple of beautiful places alongrepparttar 139331 way, so it depends on your time and budget.

I grew up in Knysna and though it is a much bigger and commercialised town now, it is still a stunning place to visit. If you like hiking, spend time in Knysna. When I was a little boy, our family got lost on a hiking trail and at some point we had to cut through an immensely dense fern growth. Being too young to knowrepparttar 139332 dangers, I thought it wasrepparttar 139333 most amazing thing because we were walking (or crawling) on top of these ferns probably 1 meter or so aboverepparttar 139334 ground and ever so often I would see our little fox terrier down onrepparttar 139335 ground looking up at us. The Knysna forest has an amazing variety of plants and trees and on many ofrepparttar 139336 hiking trails you will constantly be covered by a huge tree-top covering. In my opinion it is beautiful and I can spend many hours just enjoyingrepparttar 139337 beauty in a small area. The town itself is now well developed and has many activities for tourist. Many stunning restaurants onrepparttar 139338 waterfront and make sure you have a couple of drinks on a sun-downer trip onrepparttar 139339 lagoon. Try to spend at least 2 days in Knysna.

Your next stop must be Plettenberg Bay. It’s only about 60Kms from Knysna and with its stunning beaches, Plett is one of my favourite bird-watching destinations Those would berepparttar 139340 bikini-clad type of birds, of course. I must admit that I only know Plett for its beaches, but just for my love of beaches and “birds”, I would gladly spend 2-3 days in Plett.

After Plett you may want to look into Storms River mouth, but I’ve only been there twice many years ago. There is a friggin big tree there in case you’re interested in seeing an 800 year-old Outeniqua Yellowwood. It is also a beautiful area for hiking similar torepparttar 139341 Knysna forests.

Many year ago I used to go spear fishing in Oyster Bay, +/- 120Kms from Plett and only a couple of kilometers from Jeffrey’s Bay (world famous surfing destination) and recently I developed a website for Oyster Bay Lodge. On my second visit to Oyster Bay Lodge I arrived a couple of hours too early, so I went for a walk onrepparttar 139342 beach and I was reminded of what a beautiful area this is. While walking next torepparttar 139343 water, I had a seal following me for a long time inrepparttar 139344 waves just meters from me. Okay, I know a wild seal couldn’t care less about some human walking on dry land, but we must have accidentally been moving atrepparttar 139345 same speed. The beach just stretches on for miles and miles. Onrepparttar 139346 one side there are some rocks for fishing and spear fishing, but torepparttar 139347 other side you just see kilometres of sandy beach. After my walk onrepparttar 139348 beach I went up torepparttar 139349 lodge, butrepparttar 139350 owner had gone out, so I went for another walk inrepparttar 139351 bush onrepparttar 139352 lodge itself. I had only spent a couple of hours there, butrepparttar 139353 impression I get is that you can spend many hours of hiking and not get bored. Oyster Bay is very secluded and is ideal for people who really want to get away into nature. It is, however, only a couple of minutes drive from Jeffrey’s bay, St Francis and Humansdorp if you’re looking for shops or more people.

Hotel Safety for Your Next Business Trip or Vacation Get-a-Way

Written by Michelle Annese

From a business trip torepparttar next weekend get-a-way, personal safety and security should be on your mind. It can be especially challenging when your flight was delayed,repparttar 139282 taxi cab line was never ending and all you want to do is park, check-in and get to your room as fast as possible. But wait… take some time now to think about your safety with these easy but life-protecting tips…

Checking in …

-if valet parking is available, use it. If not, park byrepparttar 139283 lobby doors and ask for a hotel escort intorepparttar 139284 parking lot or garage. A small tip torepparttar 139285 person assisting you is well worth to protect your safety.

-travelrepparttar 139286 lot to park inrepparttar 139287 most safest space possible. Check to make sure no one is loitering and where you park is well-lit. Try to park as close torepparttar 139288 lobby as possible.

-take out all personal items, laptops, electronic devices, money or any other valuables out before you orrepparttar 139289 valet parks your vehicle. Take items with you or lock them in your trunk.

-when registering, use only your first initial and your last name. Use your business address and phone number.

-request for a room not on a first or second floor (more thefts occur on these two levels especially if there is a sliding glass door, window or balcony) and available with an inside corridor. Ifrepparttar 139290 hotel has many buildings, get your room withinrepparttar 139291 main building ofrepparttar 139292 hotel.

-askrepparttar 139293 front desk attendant to write down your room number, not said out loud to have bystanders overhear what room you are in.

- askrepparttar 139294 hotel staff aboutrepparttar 139295 safety of jogging nearby or walking from your hotel to nearby restaurants, movie theaters orrepparttar 139296 parking lot. They are oftenrepparttar 139297 most reliable source of information aboutrepparttar 139298 neighborhood. Don't hesitate to ask about transportation shuttle services and escorts to your car or room. If you inquire about or walking areas atrepparttar 139299 front desk, verifyrepparttar 139300 employee giving you advice has knowledge ofrepparttar 139301 area.

-if your room key is labeled withrepparttar 139302 room number, take care not to let others see that number. Safeguard your key at all times. Especially in public places. Don’t leave it at a restaurant table, byrepparttar 139303 swimming pool, bar or gym. Don’t give it to others. Don’t leave it inrepparttar 139304 room or inrepparttar 139305 hotel room door.

-do not draw attention to yourself by wearing large pieces of jewelry or flash large amounts of cash.

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