Holiday Ham: Tips for Choosing

Written by Linda Schnable

The holiday ham isrepparttar traditional centerpiece for Easter, Christmas, and other holiday gatherings. Almost any special meal warrants a holiday ham. Many options are available in choosing a holiday ham and inrepparttar 113110 quest to makerepparttar 113111 choice your holiday ham centerpiece a success. You can not judgerepparttar 113112 value of your holiday ham byrepparttar 113113 price per pound; you need to look beyondrepparttar 113114 price for differences in hams that are available.Nutrition labels are a great place to start your comparisons ofrepparttar 113115 ham. The nutrifacts gives information aboutrepparttar 113116 calories, fat, cholesterol, protein, and sodium contents ofrepparttar 113117 ham. Generally, nutrifacts for ham are healthy since ham is a relatively lean cut of meat before anything is added. When comparing hams, be certain that you noterepparttar 113118 serving size that has been used to establishrepparttar 113119 nutritional statistics ofrepparttar 113120 ham. Although nutrition information is very similar from one ham manufacturer to another, there are several factors that will present distinguishable differences in hams. These factors may represent differences in flavor and texture profile from one brand of ham to another. These factors are bone-in ham versus boneless, slow curing of ham versus efficient curing, water levels added torepparttar 113121 ham, different methods of smokingrepparttar 113122 ham, cooking duration, and, of course,repparttar 113123 ingredients includedrepparttar 113124 cure or marinade ofrepparttar 113125 ham. Bone-in hams provide 2-3 servings per pound and tend to highlightrepparttar 113126 added ingredients. The natural fats ofrepparttar 113127 ham help to enhancerepparttar 113128 ingredients that are added torepparttar 113129 cure (marinade). Although you may want to trimrepparttar 113130 fat away when consumingrepparttar 113131 ham, cookingrepparttar 113132 ham with its natural fat will bring outrepparttar 113133 unique differences in many spices and sweeteners used to makerepparttar 113134 ham. Boneless hams provide 4-5 servings per pound. Boneless hams usually have all visible fats removed when preparingrepparttar 113135 ham for smoking and cooking. Boneless hams are extremely simple, however if you do not mind trimming away a little fat, you will probably enjoyrepparttar 113136 flavor profile ofrepparttar 113137 bone-in ham more thanrepparttar 113138 boneless ham. If carving is a concern, try a pre-sliced spiral sliced ham withrepparttar 113139 bone-in. Another factor that presents definitive differences in hams from one brand to another isrepparttar 113140 method of curingrepparttar 113141 ham. Ham is made with a flavorful cure, a marinade of water and brine that givesrepparttar 113142 ham its typical taste and appearance. Technology advancements have helpedrepparttar 113143 ham curing process (adding ingredients through moisture enhancements) to become a much more efficient process thanrepparttar 113144 early days of ham processing. Equipment has helpedrepparttar 113145 process of gettingrepparttar 113146 ingredients intorepparttar 113147 ham quickly to getrepparttar 113148 ham torepparttar 113149 store quicker. Althoughrepparttar 113150 efficiency factor helps reducerepparttar 113151 costs of production of some hams, it is not always effective in maximizingrepparttar 113152 flavor enhancement factor. Whether using new technology or traditional methods, slowingrepparttar 113153 curing process will bring outrepparttar 113154 unique differences fromrepparttar 113155 added ingredients. Gettingrepparttar 113156 ingredients intorepparttar 113157 meat is only half ofrepparttar 113158 process, giving them a chance to work before cooking isrepparttar 113159 second half. Water isrepparttar 113160 medium in which ham makers use to get different ingredients intorepparttar 113161 meat. Overrepparttar 113162 years, some ham makers have improved their methods to get more and more moisture intorepparttar 113163 meat. Labels will read ham, ham with natural juices, water-added ham, and ham with X% added water. Obviously, ham and ham with natural juices will haverepparttar 113164 least amount of water dilutingrepparttar 113165 natural taste of ham and its added spices. Adding more and more water will help drive downrepparttar 113166 cost ofrepparttar 113167 ham, but generally does little to enhancerepparttar 113168 flavor and texture ofrepparttar 113169 ham itself.

The Dr. Phil Diet Explained

Written by Helen Laxton

Dr. Phil McGraw once published a book entitled "The Ultimate Weight Solution: Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom" in which he introducedrepparttar world to his new diet,repparttar 113109 "Shape Up Plan". This popular diet (allegedly top 10 inrepparttar 113110 USA) is based on 7 main foundations, namely:-

* Right thinking for self control * Healing feelings asrepparttar 113111 key to emotional control * No fail environment * Mastery over food and impulse eating * High-response cost / high-yield nutrition * Intentional exercise * The circle of support

Dr Phil is a realist - he reminds us that dieting is never easy. but then again, nothing worth having ever is! The Shape Up Plan is a balanced approach to weight control. You will essentially be eating high fiber foods such as complex carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits and vegetables plus lean protein and "good" fats.

Dr Phil explains that you need to focus on eating only "high-response-cost, high-yield foods." - a perfect example would be sunflower seeds - your body needs to do a lot of work to process these kinds of food beforerepparttar 113112 calories in them actually become available to you. This is in direct contrast to "low-response-cost, low-yield foods" like burgers or tacos which are easy to eat and digest. Dr Phil believes thatrepparttar 113113 extra stepsrepparttar 113114 body needs to take to process these good foods mean that they are leass likely to be converted to fat. Unlike some diets, you can eat most things in moderation. This is because Dr Phil believes restrictive diets don't work - banned food make dieters unhappy, and they tend to become obsessive about them leading to sudden binges, and dropping ofrepparttar 113115 diet. Instead, Dr Phil recommends you watch portion sizes, eat mostly foods that are high in nutrients and fiber, stay away from salts and fats, and choose foods that involve some work when eaten (such as broccoli, peanuts and fish).

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