Hold Tight To Your Integrity

Written by Josh Hinds

Hold Tight To Your Integrity By Josh Hinds (c)

While I might concede thatrepparttar spoils of life don't always go torepparttar 137842 most deserving. I hold true torepparttar 137843 belief that without a doubtrepparttar 137844 "spoils" are always more enjoyed when one has lived a life with integrity and not sold out onrepparttar 137845 things they value most.

I have known men and women who have gone fromrepparttar 137846 top, torepparttar 137847 bottom, and back torepparttar 137848 top again, and a common thread among most all of them is that they always held tight to their integrity.

I would advise that you always makerepparttar 137849 effort to remainrepparttar 137850 person who never looks down on another, no matter what place in life you may currently find yourself. If you are in an enviable place, be thankful, but don't live in a way as though you are above anyone else.

Get Blissed!

Written by Jo Ball

Elton John, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Freddie Mercury all have something in common, aside of a smidge of talent andrepparttar fact they all became pop-stars.

Watch Elton John perform I’m Still Standing or Billy Joel play My Life at their pianos, or witness Freddie Mercury winding up for We arerepparttar 137787 Champions or Phil Collins on drums during In The Air Tonight, and you’ll witness something magical happening, something that sends shivers down your spine. But what is it that they do?

We’ll it’srepparttar 137788 same ‘something’ that caused Bob Geldoff to pull all his music industry pals together and raise millions for charity back inrepparttar 137789 eighties withrepparttar 137790 hit Do they Know its Christmas andrepparttar 137791 subsequent Band Aid appeal. It got Churchill to moverepparttar 137792 nation with powerful speeches and it is all that stands between you and our true greatness.

But what is that ‘something’? And is it simple enough to bring into our everyday lives?

The answer is yes.

It’s to do withrepparttar 137793 first principle of Life Purpose, that we all have a unique gift and a distinctive way to express it. The best way for me to explain this to you is to tell you a short story.

A year ago I suggested that my son took up music lessons with his grandfather. His Pappy is a professional musician, and if you’re child is going to becomerepparttar 137794 prodigy that all parents’ hope they will be, you want them to learn from a pro, don’t you, especially if that pro is a family member. He tookrepparttar 137795 suggestion up and here is what unfolded.

Nine months later he’d had enough. It seemed like hard work. Sure he masteredrepparttar 137796 scales – nothing wrong with his fingers – could readrepparttar 137797 notes – nothing wrong with his memory – but he couldn’t sit still duringrepparttar 137798 lessons and inrepparttar 137799 week in between each session we only ever heard him doing minimal practicing.

(Does this sound like you when you are at work? Going throughrepparttar 137800 motions, doing what needs to be done and not managing more?)

After school he never took himself off to his room, plugged inrepparttar 137801 keyboard and shocked himself with something new he’d learned to do. He never hit heaven, blissed out, totally astounded himself or got excited over a new discovery. He never came to me, shook me from my book and said, “Listen to this, Dad. It’ll blow your mind!”

We concluded it wasn’t his thing – each to his own – and he admitted he only took it up because he thought I’d be happy!

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