Hocus Pocus...Your A Millionaire

Written by Dan J. Fry

Have you had a look lately atrepparttar different number of ways to make money onrepparttar 116900 internet? Where do you thinkrepparttar 116901 largest chunk of advertising to small online businesses is being focused? Ironically enough it is online marketing itself!

The majority of advertisements onrepparttar 116902 internet today are geared at trying to help people make money online. From joining different types of forced marketing matrices to programs that exist solely to have you make money by signing others up intorepparttar 116903 program. You make money if people below you stay inrepparttar 116904 program, andrepparttar 116905 people below them, etc., and so forth. Does it not seem that small business internet marketing has taken somewhat of a socialist-communistic swing?

Small business entrepreneurs, operating by themselves, selling a highly beneficial product, are only a small piece ofrepparttar 116906 internet marketing pie. Low and behold though, they arerepparttar 116907 ones that ultimately makerepparttar 116908 real profits.

The most luring programs today are still MLM. They prey onrepparttar 116909 whim that "hey, if I get in on this now I can potentially make a reasonable supplement to my current income". The problem with MLM is that unless you come intorepparttar 116910 program nearrepparttar 116911 top, when it is first released, it is so saturated that both your time and money is burned without a penny made.

Recently, a huge number of MLM programs have surfaced that claim to build you a highly targeted opt-in list of subscribers that will "actually pay you to be on your list". As it is well known that a subscriber list isrepparttar 116912 way to success onrepparttar 116913 internet marketing scene, creators of these programs have opened up a feading frenzy forrepparttar 116914 hungry dying to take a bite towards increased financial freedom. Unfortunately this is another whif of magic.


Written by Tukshad Engineer

I’d like to begin with a question – and I’ll betrepparttar answer is going to surprise you (it sure did surprise me!).

Q. What percentage ofrepparttar 116899 worlds population do you think is online?

A. Under 1%!

Just think about that for a second – 99% ofrepparttar 116900 world haven’t even gotten online yet. And yetrepparttar 116901 internet is already making some people – not large companies, but individuals like you and me – a FORTUNE. Don’t for a minute think that this happens easily – it takes time to find your own little niche online, to develop and perfect it – but it’s something you can do on a total shoe-string budget, and over time anyone that really wants to can carve out a nice little earning online. And looking atrepparttar 116902 bigger picture, as more and more ofrepparttar 116903 worlds population comes online, imagine how successful your business will become as your potential customers grow by leaps and bounds, every single year.

Earning online is really quite beautiful when you think about it – here’s a chance for ANYONE with a PC and internet connection to plug in and start making money…enough to pay your bills, sure – but in some cases much more. And lets not forgetrepparttar 116904 comfort factor – your own hours, not having a boss to answer to, not having to travel and more time with loved ones….repparttar 116905 list is endless.

Ok so what does this mean for you? For those of you still trying to take that first step, today’s newsletter is all about trying to get you to think about ways of starting online. And if you cant find something then I’m going to suggest to you a proven way of making a money online, quickly.

The one question I get asked a lot is ‘What’srepparttar 116906 best way to start an online business?’ Now while I do have my own website which now brings in most of my online income, I still believe by farrepparttar 116907 quickest and easiest way to earn money online is by selling on ebay. That’s how I first started, and I still do post at auctions to squeeze money whenever I feel like it. The reason I moved into selling on websites is because I’m lazy and don’t like making trips torepparttar 116908 post office J . But if you’re starting out online, ebay is by farrepparttar 116909 BEST and QUICKEST way of making money NOW.

Think of these facts – ebays gets a whopping 9000 new customers signing up every day and gets 1.5 billion page views every month. And for a few pennies, you can promote your product to literally an endless source of customers – see that’srepparttar 116910 great thing about ebay…they GIVE yourepparttar 116911 traffic that would be very difficult and expensive to get by yourself. All you do is plug in your advert click on send and a week or so later collect money from your customers.

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