Hobbits and Lice

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


In late 2004repparttar media was all agog withrepparttar 148329 small hominids found on Flores Island where I had written about artifacts showing sea travel technology must have existed. I had argued with many people aboutrepparttar 148330 issue and their argument had some merit in that we had no proof of a connection to humans orrepparttar 148331 nearby Mungo Man. However, once we found these creatures which some researchers even think could be part chimpanzeerepparttar 148332 issue became clearly in my favor. I thinkrepparttar 148333 divergence of human lice proven through DNA technology going back 1.18 to 1.8 million years ago is even more telling and I look forward torepparttar 148334 further research on pubic lice that might prove hominids cross-breeding. Here is one source for further review.

“It was astonishing and exciting enough to have discovered a new - and wholly unexpected - hominid species last week. The discovery ofrepparttar 148335 partial skeletons of three-foot tall "hobbits" onrepparttar 148336 Indonesian island of Flores would have been front page news however old they were. But what made them really extraordinary was their age. They weren't fossils. These were bones rotted torepparttar 148337 consistency of blotting paper, less than 18,000 years old; and there are grounds for hoping thatrepparttar 148338 creatures lived on into historical times. Some might even be alive in sufficiently remote island jungles today. The native legends about "Ebu Gogo" suggest that contact between Homo sapiens and Homo floresiensis took place withinrepparttar 148339 last century on Flores.

The idea that our ancestors had contact with other human species is a profound and disturbing one. The whole term "human species" begsrepparttar 148340 question. If they are other species, can they really be what we mean by "human"? Human is a moral category as much as a biological one. That's why it is such a useful weapon word inrepparttar 148341 debates about abortion. To call someone or something human is generally meant as praise, and implies that they should be treated as we treat ourselves.

This interpretation of "humanity" is not, of course, a necessarily human trait. It's certainly not encoded in our genes. Most cultures, in most of history, have had no trouble in treating other human beings as domesticated animals or very much worse. But we, who speak English, call this process "dehumanisation".

The skeletal fragments, andrepparttar 148342 legends from local people, make this story far more vivid thanrepparttar 148343 other evidence for human encounters with other humanoid species. That shouldn't obscurerepparttar 148344 fact that this isrepparttar 148345 second such story this autumn, andrepparttar 148346 first one is far more chilling.

The evidence there came from lice. Asrepparttar 148347 parents of almost any school age girl will know, human lice are extraordinarily tenacious and well adapted to life on our scalps. They don't survive for more than a few hours away from human flesh.

The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The science of metallurgy is vital torepparttar social structures surrounding all esoteric beliefs. The shamans who gathered meteorite material to fashion tools and weapons as well as forrepparttar 147368 use ofrepparttar 147369 metals and spirits thereof became great aristocrats, as their family or heritage grew. Genghis Khan (Temujin) is from such a family and most ofrepparttar 147370 early aristocrats were either adept (likerepparttar 147371 House of David and Solomon) themselves or worked closely with these artisans who we could call alchemists, as Mircae Eliade does in his The Forge and The Crucible. Whenrepparttar 147372 Spanish arrived in Mayan lands they askedrepparttar 147373 Aztecs and others where their knives came from, they also found a meteorite atrepparttar 147374 venerated apex ofrepparttar 147375 Cholula pyramid. They pointed torepparttar 147376 heavens andrepparttar 147377 Spanish reports call this paganism. When this use of metals began is anyone's guess.

It requires no great debate or references of authorities to knowrepparttar 147378 almost ultimate import of meteors inrepparttar 147379 ancient past when one considers just these two things. The Ka'aba is a black meteorite in Mecca and there is a ritual amongrepparttar 147380 Islamic faithful who must visit it once in their lifetime. That ritual of approaching this sacred relic from very ancient times (before Islam) is learned by all of Islam. In Mexico there are pyramids with churches on top (now) that used to house meteorites.

"In 1969, a Japanese scientific expedition was trekking nearrepparttar 147381 Yamato Mountains, inrepparttar 147382 region ofrepparttar 147383 Antarctic {Under international domain.} icecap that lies directly south of Africa. The Japanese found nine dark meteorites lying close together onrepparttar 147384 surface ofrepparttar 147385 ice.

Given meteorites' scarcity,repparttar 147386 expedition leaders assumed thatrepparttar 147387 nine samples they found were fragments of a single large specimen that had broken apart in its fall torepparttar 147388 ice. To their amazement, however, they soon discovered that their finds were all of different types and chemical compositions. They were not pieces of one rock. They had not even formed inrepparttar 147389 same region ofrepparttar 147390 solar system. This was thrilling! The convergence of nine separate thunders tones at that single spot implied thatrepparttar 147391 ice sheet itself was somehow collecting those rarities of nature and sweeping them together.

The Japanese mounted more expeditions torepparttar 147392 Yamato ice in 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1979, and they were rewarded with a grand total of 3,000 meteorites. Every year since then, duringrepparttar 147393 brief Antarctic summer, international expeditions have converged onrepparttar 147394 Japanese rock gardens. Each small meteorite is photographed where it lies and then nudged gingerly into a teflon bag, which is an awkward procedure when performed with thick mittens and in deep subzero cold, withrepparttar 147395 stone skittering onrepparttar 147396 ice. Once bagged, each specimen is shipped home and studied in an antiseptic laboratory, usingrepparttar 147397 same sort of apparatus built to study Moon rocks. The sample is never touched by human hands.” (1)

They go on to describerepparttar 147398 then existing theory ofrepparttar 147399 Big Bang but no mention of how these rocks get there and keep getting there. What might be happening here? Is there a case of affinity at work (my encyclopedia has an in depth description of affinity)? Is there intelligent design or what? The Pasadena lab where a lot of these things are studied is known asrepparttar 147400 Lunatic Asylum. A member of my sister-in-law's family works for JPL there, and travels all aroundrepparttar 147401 world doing things they never get to know about anymore. Is it because she isn't allowed to tell them or is it becauserepparttar 147402 family used to call her ideas andrepparttar 147403 things we would talk about 'sheer lunacy'? What happened inrepparttar 147404 8 billion years or so betweenrepparttar 147405 formation of our known universe andrepparttar 147406 formation of our Milky Way? The numbers are so incredible thatrepparttar 147407 mind can't conceive what is in justrepparttar 147408 known universe, and there are others we put outsiderepparttar 147409 words 'known universe'. Who is able to do more than worship this phantasm or orgy of 'luna'-cy (luna=moon)?

“‘It looks as if Venus may have had oceans hundreds of millions of years ago," says planetologist Jim Head. If so, Venus would have been very much more like Earth. Its continents may have enjoyed rivers, streams, puffy white clouds, and pleasant weather… Willrepparttar 147410 human volcano heat Planet Earth until allrepparttar 147411 seas go dry and lead melts inrepparttar 147412 sunlight? Are we already onrepparttar 147413 downhill path to Venus?” (2)

The reasonrepparttar 147414 rocks are drawn to Mt. Yamato may have something to do withrepparttar 147415 Earth Energy Grid which has two bands of energy ‘blobs’ or vortices aroundrepparttar 147416 world. Mt. Yamato would be a site whererepparttar 147417 opposite energy may exist. I will not be able to prove it but I will present some interesting data onrepparttar 147418 Bermuda Triangle fromrepparttar 147419 early research of Ivan Sanderson.

First of all let me say I think a very large meteor was drawn torepparttar 147420 area ofrepparttar 147421 Bermuda Triangle in 8350 BCE or thereabouts. The cobalt and nickel left there from this meteor will throw electrical guidance systems haywire and this has been demonstrated by credible researchers. It is calledrepparttar 147422 Carolina Bays Event and I think it provides a reason why there is a 2200 foot drop to an urban site now being looked into offrepparttar 147423 coast of Cuba. The plate tectonics of rising mountains inrepparttar 147424 Andes would be far too early to tie in with this sudden drop of a city or urban center, I think. This excerpt also addressesrepparttar 147425 region of Japan where recent finds of semi-Pyramidal structures are being researched. That site is Yonaguni and there are others near there.

“The Disposition of Anomalies

We have spent a perhaps inordinate amount of time discussingrepparttar 147426 things that called attention to these ‘Vile Vortices’ in order to demonstraterepparttar 147427 extent and character ofrepparttar 147428 phenomenon. I thinkrepparttar 147429 time has now come for some detailed analysis of and comment upon this business as a whole; and from this we may proceed to some speculation.

The popular idea has been that there is one roughly triangular area with sides running from Bermuda to central Florida and thence to Puerto Rico in which a large number of planes have simply vanished without a trace.

This is a glamorous notion, but on proper analysis, it does not stand up. It is not a triangle, and its periphery is much greater thanrepparttar 147430 one outlined above. In fact,repparttar 147431 area in which such disappearances, or alleged disappearances, have been recorded forms a large, sort of lozenge-shaped {These lozenge lattices are found all around many ‘keltoi’ sites likerepparttar 147432 Tarim Basin of recent discovery. Mandalas are designed according to energy flow. The energy that taught or that they observed is all important.} area which is neither centered onrepparttar 147433 Oceanic island of Bermuda not can it in any way be depended from it. We have plotted allrepparttar 147434 ‘disappearances’—and please remember that this is something quite different from mere sinking of ships and submarines, or ditchings of planes—reported from this area and found that it slops way overrepparttar 147435 original so-called ‘triangle.’ After this discovery,repparttar 147436 question naturally arose as trepparttar 147437 uniqueness of this funny blob, which extends from about 30degrees to 40 degrees north latitude, and from about 55 degrees to 85 degrees west. Was it unique?

We knew already that there was at least one other such area alleged to exist. This lies some 250 miles south ofrepparttar 147438 Japanese island of Honshu about longitude 140 degrees east. We therefore started to work, gathering records of ships lost and planes vanishing around this point which, as a matter of fact, had up till then been only mentioned—and rather casually at that. The outcome was not just amazing; it was positively startling. Plane after plane on its way south to Guam appears to have vanished, and this with disturbing frequency. So we started plotting again, and despiterepparttar 147439 usually very vague locations given—and no wonder, considering that these planes disappeared without radio signals or any trace—another lozenge-shaped blob came to light.

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