Hitting The Brick Wall...And Not A Dent

Written by Dan Farrell

You have been slaving away at your computer…designing a website, pickingrepparttar right affiliate programs, network marketing programs, submitting torepparttar 117219 search engines, directories, safe lists, FFA's or even buying some targeted advertising with ezines or email lists.

Now your ready to quit! You have more traffic to your site or your affiliate/mlm replicated sites but little or no money coming in. However, lots of expenses. And allrepparttar 117220 'experts' said it could be done this way. What's wrong? What didn't you do that might put you overrepparttar 117221 top? At least, make more income than expenses, and forgetting about all your time.

This is what 1,000's of "wanna-be net marketers are feeling…anguish, anger and discouragement. So what do you do? My advice is to copyrepparttar 117222 'experts' that are making a substantial living online. What Ken Evoy, Terry Dean, Jimmy D. Brown, Marlon Sandors, Declan Dunn, and many others do to create wealth online. Read their stuff. Determine where your focus should be. What market niche is in need of a product/service. Develop that product/service yourself or go in a joint venture with someone that already has developed it. A great search tool to use is Copernic. You can download a free copy at http//www.copernic.com It searches allrepparttar 117223 search engines at once and gives yourepparttar 117224 top results.

However,repparttar 117225 most important advice is not mine, but Tom Hopkins, a top sales trainer. He states, it isn't about your sales ability, marketing skills or ad copywriting, it's about lasting! Perseverance isrepparttar 117226 name of game in Internet Marketing but if you are heading uprepparttar 117227 wrong road or pursuingrepparttar 117228 same customer as 1,000's or 100,000's you are going to go down in flames. After re-thinking your market plan or focus, it's time to find targeted prospects this niche market.

The first arerepparttar 117229 Search Engines. They are essentially free, even though it costs more and more to get a listing. (Yahoo! charges $199 just to get your site looked at). Butrepparttar 117230 major ones, Hotbot, Google, AltaVista, don't charge for you to add your URL. Butrepparttar 117231 only way you are going to get any traffic from them is to be listed inrepparttar 117232 top 30 for any keyword or keyword phrase. You are competing with thousands, if not millions of competing web sites for that keyword, so unless you plan to spend most of your time searching for this elusive grail... find a niche keyword or phrase that has little competition. I have seen my web pages steadily climb inrepparttar 117233 Search Engines using Michael Campbell's "Nothing But Net". He tells you how he made $750,000 inrepparttar 117234 first year selling cell phone accessories, and spent $0 on ads! http://activemarketplace.com/w.cgi?net-6504

Ezines. If you don't have one, start one. If you would like help getting started, download Ezine Resource Guide. This ebook will walk you through starting an ezine to making lots of money withads, sales, back-end sales and other very informative tactics. But a tactic that is even better is writing ezine articles. You can develop a ton of free publicity and advertising for anything...your ezine, affiliate program, website, mlm's. The absolute best way to do this is spelled out clearly in Jimmy D. Brown's brilliant ebook, Ezine Profit Producer.

If You Don’t Like The Weather…Just Wait Ten Minutes

Written by Kirk Bannerman

This old saying which addressesrepparttar variability ofrepparttar 117218 weather in Montana is also applicable torepparttar 117219 market dynamics for an online business. If there is one thing that is certain aboutrepparttar 117220 future of online marketing, it is that it will continue to change.

A generation in Internet marketing seems to last 12 months or less and therefore it is very important for online marketers to reassess their marketing plan frequently. It wasn’t too long ago that popups and banner ads were allrepparttar 117221 rage and now they’re about as welcome as a telemarketer or a lawyer.

In earlier times, just getting traffic to your website could spell success. That just is notrepparttar 117222 case today. Inrepparttar 117223 current environment, Internet marketers have many tasks before them including increasing traffic, maximizing traffic quality, and improving conversion ratios. Much simpler said than done, butrepparttar 117224 key element is to understand that we are dealing with a dynamic marketing landscape where change is almost a continuous process. A successful Internet marketing campaign will always be a work in progress.

A dynamic internet marketing campaign will be a continuous process of monitoring & analyzing, followed by tweaking & experimenting, followed by measuringrepparttar 117225 impact (more monitoring & analyzing) ofrepparttar 117226 changes made.

The first step in analyzing your marketing campaign is pinpointing precisely whererepparttar 117227 prospects are coming from. Whether it's search engines, email, or from other sources. All of this data can be found in your server logs and there are some very good traffic analysis tools (many of them free) that will provide you withrepparttar 117228 information without requiring you to become technically proficient at deciphering raw server logs.

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