Written by Cara Owens

Dear Applicant,

I appreciate your contacting me about this position. This is a work at home job with no fees involved. You actually will get $10 in your account, just for signing up! I will be honest that you are not going to get rich quick, but with real, viable opportunities this is usually notrepparttar case. However, this is an opportunity to make a little money onrepparttar 113249 side with hardly any work involved. But,repparttar 113250 more time and work you do put into this,repparttar 113251 more money you can earn.

Let me explain my situation. I am a stay at home mom and writer who was eagerly seeking a work at home job, after several disappointing ventures into this type of business I came across this one. The following will give you an idea of what I do each day and what you will do if you become part of my team. I will promise you this; you will get allrepparttar 113252 help I can give you on start-up and as part of my team. If you succeed it helps me; it's that simple.

I would like to take a few moments to tell you a little aboutrepparttar 113253 company I work for and what it is that I do.

First of all, let me assure you that you will absolutely NOT be asked to purchase anything or pay a recruiting fee for this job. You arerepparttar 113254 one that gets paid! Also, this is not a "get rich quick" scheme; so don't think that you'll be able to succeed without time and effort.

This is a real job opportunity that requires work. If you are self motivated and willing to receive training you will make money. Some people are too proud and don't want to be trained and that's fine, but to make money you will need some guidance to perform this job properly.

So, start off onrepparttar 113255 right foot and read these instructions in their entirety. Then make your decision whether or not to take this job based on solid information.

Now, if and when you accept this position you will become an Independent Contractor. You will receive a 1099 tax form atrepparttar 113256 end ofrepparttar 113257 year andrepparttar 113258 taxes are your responsibility.

The company that you are inquiring is an internet company that gives yourepparttar 113259 opportunity to make money when you receive emails, and your referrals (two levels). Please note this is not Zwallet.com. The company name is Multiple Stream Marketing in New York dba: hits4pay.com. (Multiple Stream Marketing can be checked out withrepparttar 113260 better business bureau in New York http://www.bbbnewyork.org/businessreports/Default.aspx).

The company's purpose is to share a percentage of advertisement revenues with those who use their services. They do this by paying people like you and me to type/receive emails and to refer others to this service. Plain and simple! This job is easy and actually, quite fun. This is NOT a Get Rich Quick or any other Work from Home Scam. (Too many of those around!) There is NEVER a fee to pay andrepparttar 113261 company really does pay you for sending/receiving your own emails. This position is all about recruiting recruiters and training them to dorepparttar 113262 same.

People who are introduced to this simple and easy job are seeing multiple benefits. They set their own hours. It can be done anytime. You can do it part-time or full-time. And, you don't have to get dressed up to dorepparttar 113263 work. People who are working 15-17 hours a week are already receiving checks inrepparttar 113264 $3,000 range; some are working full time and bringing in much more. Remember this is a job and it needs to be worked like a job andrepparttar 113265 money will come. I won't takerepparttar 113266 time to get into all this right now. But if you decide to acceptrepparttar 113267 position, I will be your personal online trainer and show you how to work this job effectively. Feel free to ask me anything. If I don't knowrepparttar 113268 answer, I will find out.

How To Obtain Our True Integrity?

Written by Ina Bliss

Humanity is going through a nightmare.


They are hypnotized with untruths, in an unconscious sleep. One can only experience nightmares, when asleep.

We must wake up!



See what?

That we ARE loved & appreciated. That is our natural state. We ARE perfect, and we live under Grace. All this does NOT depend upon what we ‘own’, or what we ‘look like’.

We ARE pure & rich.

How can that be proved?

By standing outside of our bodies and observingrepparttar false ‘self’.

The false ‘self’ is a monster, an ‘IT’.

What isrepparttar 113248 monster? It consists of ‘vanity’ (the need for approval), ‘sadness/criticism’ (living fromrepparttar 113249 point of how things ‘should be’), ‘anger’ (fear of being hurt), ‘depression’ (emptiness caused by our attachment to things and people), etc.

The monster gets bigger as long as we ‘feed’ it with any attention to which we attach ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ judgment. As soon as we just look atrepparttar 113250 monster, it will turn around and walk away, for it has nothing to feed on and gets bored with us.

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